Wednesday, December 31, 2008

* Black and Bling | GE X-Mas Party

It's my 1st X-Mas party for my current company which is GE Money Servicing (Alabang). It was held in a Sunday which I have work at 10pm. I'm excited at the same time not because of the annual fashion catwalk for the party which I myself is one of the participants. I did not volunteer to join but my team picked me during my off to represent our team wah. There are two in each team, one girl and guy. Anyways they made and designed the outfit for me and my partner. To be honest I don't have any modeling experience and this is my 1st time and it was really really scary. Yes I do attend modeling events but I don't have any idea on how to do the walk and pose. Sunday came and I went to the office to ride the shuttle from our office to Hillsborough (location of the party) The party's theme is Black and Bling so I wear blackk on that day. Bought Toki (my cam) and took photos of my teamates and my friends. Food is ok but I wasn't able to eat alot because Model (as they call) must be in the backstage on a given time and must prepare. Wasn't able to drink beer as well because of that. Battle of the bands first before the catwalk. Our account's band played a song by Mr. Big where my Supervisor is the bassist. After the battle of the bands, the moment came and we must now walk in front of the people. Damn I was so shy but just look straight and did not ignore the people screaming, taking photos and more. Unfortunately I didn't win as expected by my partner won *Yey

After tha catwalk I went straight to the office and logged in. I was 35 mins late haha thank God they did not gave me warning for that.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

* KC and The Sunshines Team Building

Day 1:
It's our 3rd team building for the year, we won as the best team for November for our account so we have extra funds to use for our team bulding. The team have decided to spent it in La Iya, Batangas. I'm on leave during the week and we met in the office 8am. I was so hungry that's why I ate in Mc Donald's forst with my friend Rio then meet my teamates in fron of our office building. There are 3 vehicles Fry, Robert and a rented van. I rode with Fry and her wife Nova. It's been a long drive from Alabang to La Iya, Batangas. I think it took us 3-4 hours. We arrived around 12-1 already. Place is ok, it looks calm but the thing is the weather is not that cool. It was raining every now and then so it was so damn cold. Anyways we started taking photos and the others prepares the food, some slept because some still has no sleep from their shift. Food was really good and we all ate together just like one family and after that we walk and explore the place and I took photos. After hanging out in the beach I decided to take a nap and woke up around dinner time and glad dinner is already ready. After eating we had our group activity and discussion about business and personal matters. It was really sad because some of the our teamates has to leave because of some issues. We end up drinking and watching the Pacquiao-Dela Hoya Pre Fight show in GMA 7 and slept around 3am.

Day 2:

We woke up around 8am and ate breakfast then went to the beach. To be honest I didn't swim in the beach because it was so cold and then again took photos. It's still raining in the morning. Around 10am we decided to fixed our things and decided to leave. Hoping to watch the Pacman fight. It was faster on our way home and it was so quiet in the road because of the Pacman fight. I got in Laguna around 12:30pm.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

* Yohan Contawe's 1st birthday

It was my inaanak's 1st birthday and since I wasn't able to make it during his Christening I think it's not really nice if I am going to miss his 1st birthday. I was invited by Jeff and her wife way several months ago for this one so I already filed a leave for this day. The venue was in Casimiro Village Clubhouse, I thought our friends from ADEC would come but I am the only one who was there. It was a cosplay like party because kids are in their super hero costumes. My inaanak is in his Superman Costume. Food was also great and the clown show was really funny because it's been a while since I've attended a kid's party. I was able to take photos during the party and mostly are kids. Happy Birthday Yohan.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

* GDAP 2008 Cosplay Event at Crowne Plaza

It was just mentioned to me by a friend whom I met in a cosplay event so I checked and saw that there's going to be an event on December 3 and since it was a Wednesday it only means I'm free because it's my restday. So I informed the event to my friends who would be intersted on it. I bought toki (my cam) and met my friend in the bus station and we went to Robinsons Galeria. We arrived early around 4:30pm I think.
The event would start 6pm so we stroll around and grab a quick snack because I am really starving. We ate at Sisig Hooray ^^ then meet one of our friend Jade their. We went to the venue at the Ballroom area of Crowne Plaza. Saw familiar faces cosplayers and photographers. Met some old friends and met some new ones. I took photos of the cosplayers. Neo Taku band also peformed and I can say I was impress with their family computer and supe mario jam. I'm in front of the stage so I have a good position in taking photos. Almost 30 cosplayers have joined and there are 3 winners (Best Female) is Tza (Best Male) is the guy in the red robot costume and the (Grand Winner) is the 7 ft tall cosplayer haha he's really big and also the cool smoke effects.

For more photos check my site:

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

* Hataw Hanep Hero 2008

It was my first time to attend a Hero Con and it was held at Tiendesita Silver City Pasig. I invited my friends from CCC (Cavite Camera Club) Jervin and Miguel and we met at Robinson Galeria coz they don't know how to get there. We arrived around 2pm at the venue and bought tickets worth 100 bucks. A lot of people already outside the venue (mostly cosplayers). So we went in and get our cameras and started to make photos. There's alot of cosplayers, most of them are familiar faces and we met and saw during the previous scosplay events. Saw Tin and Ishi the cosplayers that we met at Cosplay Mania 2008 at Megamall and I can say they are an attention grabber, they cosplayed Shion of Haragushi as Mion and Shion. Met alot of cosplay friends that I met at multiply like Vampire Prince, Ian (from plurk), Zell (plurk) and more. While strolling around I saw my friend Doc Albert (worldofalbert) and Mark (markpogi). So we stroll around and took photos of cosplayers, I can say there's alot of cosplayers. I saw Shin Chan, Tifa, RInoa, Lenne, Chucky, Masked Rider Kiva, Super Boink and more. There's also booth's in the events (gaming, toys, cosplay and more). Alot of kids in attendance who really enjoyed the event specially Anime fans with their family. Too bad I have to left early because I still have work at 10pm and I wasn't able to watched Sugar Free perform :(

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

* Manila Auto Salon [day 1]

it's been a while since I attended a Carshow. My friend Mark informed me that he's going on day 1 of the Manila Auto Salon at SMX in Pasay. I invited my two friends Jervin and Miguel. We arrived around 3pm at Mall of Asia and went to SMX and bought tickets. We went inside and check out the cars and the errrr babes haha. This is the 1st time I used my DSLR (toki) in a car show event and I can say it's really nice. Pictures are better than using my celfone. I took alot of photos and meet some friends in the car show. Saw some personalities like Ryan Agoncillo, Maverick, Moymoy Palaboy and EB Babes Madel. Nothing much about the event we just stayed there and took pictures.

more pictures in my multiply site:

Friday, November 21, 2008

* Quality Off

After my monday shift I went straight home and surf the net for a bit. I've decided to render restday overtime for Tuesday night, I thought of taking advantage of it because it was my restday and at the same time it's OT there is going to be an extra pay for going to work for Tuesday and another thing is there is going to be 100 sodexho GC per hour so it's +800 GC for the day.

So like the usuall working day, Tuesday went fine and afer work I decided to hit the gym for 2 hours. After my workout I went to my girlfriend's house because she filed a leave for this day for us to be together. I can say I missed her so much even though I'm with her last Saturday. I slept when I arrived because I was so tired and sleepy because of work (office) and workout (gym). We talked about our work and our incomings plans for December and next year.Played with my bebe's cats and dogs. We also watched the tube and watch PBA which is my favorite TV show and luckily Sta. Lucia Realtor has a game against San Miguel Beer and Joseph Yeo my basketball idol scored 38 points damn he was amazing. After PBA we watched Survivor Philippines. Around 12mn I decided to go home because it was raining and my girlfriend has work on the next day so she needs to go to sleep already.

I can say I had a quality tuesday and wednesday because usually I'm just in front of the computer all day long surfing the net and watching Sentai stuffs. Hopefully next week I'll think of something interesting todo on my restday!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

* Saturday like it used to be

I was on leave from November 12 - 15 so after all of my misadventures and gimiks from wednesday to friday here comes Saturday. I was really excited because this day is for me and my girlfriend. It's been a while since we've been together in a Saturday just like it used to be with the previous years because usually saturday is my off but since I transferred to Alabang I was stucked in my Tue-Wed off =(

So there I woke up 1pm because of the gimik at ascend (Mossimo blog) on the previous night. My girlfriend went to our house around 2pm and we stayed their until 6pm and we decided to go to Alabang Town Center to have our dinner and watch a movie. We arrived 6:45pm and I bring Toki (my cam) with me because I recall that Urbandub will be playing. So before we ate dinner we watched Urbandub first. Nyctinasty played first before Urbandub and damn it was really crazy, I can say I really do enjoy watching them play. I took some photos of their gig.

After Urbandub we ate at Shakeys and then stroll around ATC and bought tickets for the last full show for Madagascar 2. We stayed at Powerbooks for a while and read some books and then when it's around 9:30 we went to the Cinema lobby and then decided to enter the cinema room and watch. Madagascar 2 was really a good and funny movie, I admit that I'm not a fan of cartoons or kiddie movies but I can say I like this movie. Movie ended around 12mn and then we decided to go home and take a rest. I'll miss this Saturday and hope me and my girlfriend can have more time this coming 2009 xoxo

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

* Mossimo 10th year Anniversary at Ascend

(continuation of my Up Dharma Down blog *still the same day 11/14/2008)

after Podium I went to Glorietta to meet my friend Alex who is waiting for me there. When I arrived I ate at Burger King because I was really hungry. I thought my friend Wavs would join as but he's not replying so me and Alex went to ascend after finishing my food at Burgre King. We arrived around 10 pm and damn the club is jam packed.

The event was for Mossimo's 10th anniversary and it's an exclusive party and we are lucky to go in. Alot of photographers and people are there to watch the fashion show. Saw alot of personalities like Kiko from Survivor, Jacq Yu, Nyoy Volante, Keana Reeves and the models (Joyce So, Cherry Ann, Gail Nicolas, Ornussa Cadness and more)

Had a hard time taking photos of the said event because there's alot of people who is already in front and because of the smoke effect. After the event me and my friend was able to go to the model's area and had the oppurtunity for picture taking and autograph signing. Had my Toys magazine (Joyce So) and FHM Lingerie signed by Joyce So. We also met Gabi dela Merced at the said event. Saw Avi Siwa and had us come in the Skype VIP room to take pictures.

Went home early because my friend Robin is going to Antipolo and Alex needs to go home as well. Till next party..see you!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

* Up Dharma Down gig at The Podium with Ashley and Alodia

* continuation of my UST vs San Sebastian blog (all happened in 1 day 11.14.08)

After the UST and Baste game I went to the Podium because I saw in musik lokal's website that Up Dharma down will be at The Podium (7pm). When I arrived at the place, I saw a party like event. Red carpet, wine and foods then I saw that there is a stage in front and the Up Dharma album cover is there, so I said this is the event. But as I discovered that it was the opening of the A-Shop (Apple/MAC) at the Podium and Up Dharma will perform. Saw Senatro Allan Cayetano and Pia Cayetano, Brent Javier, Amber and the Gosengfiao sisters (Ashley and Alodia). What I did was approached them and chat with Ashley first about their bands gig and then with Alodia about photography *damn it was like a dream. Because during cosplay events honestly it is really hard to get near Alodia and have a photo with her because she's really famous in the cosplay industry and during that time I was chatting with her like normal friends.

Anyways moving forward Alodia introduced to me the owner of Max Collector then after that we went in front (near the stage) and watched Up Dharma Down as they performed. I took photos of them and so as Ashley and Alodia. After Up Dharma is done me, Ashley and Alodia went to the backstage to have pictures with the band. Eventhough I don't want to leave, I said goodbye to them because my friend Alex is already waiting for me at Glorietta.

with Alodia and Ashley

*to be continued Mossimo Anniversary at Ascend Bar

more pictures check my multiply:

* Shakey's V-League (11.14.08) UST vs. San Sebastian

This is the 2nd time that I would watch the V-League live at the Arena gym in San Juan, actually this is the continuation of my Rachel Daquis blog. Afterr having my jersey signed by Rachel Daquisme and my friend Richard (too) bought tickets and went inside the Arena to watch the second game which is UST against San Sebastian. Of course I took pictures of the game and at the same time watched the battle againts the two teams. The match was really exciting and I thought UST is losing but they won the 4th set and won the 5th set to win the game. UST fans are almost 75% of the crowd and they really cheered the Tigers to Victory. Was also lucky to meet Ateneo's Rookie Gretchen Ho after the game ^_^

UST Supporters

Team Set Won 1 2 3 4 5 Total
UST 3 25 17 14 27 15 98
San Sebastian 2 23 25 25 25 11 109

more pictures in my multiply site:

Friday, November 14, 2008

* Rachel Anne Daquis of FEU

November 11, 2008 and it's a friday and luckily my leave in the office was approved so I really wanted this day to be special and full of activities. I woke up around 10am and surf the net for an hour. My first plan is to do to Tektite building in Ortigas to get my ordered Rachel Anne Daquis FEU Shakey's V-League jersey and I was supposed to be there by 1 and I got there 2:45pm. I rode the busy up to Ayala and then MRT up to Ortigas. I met my friend from PeopleSupport Richard (too) and he accompanied me to Tektite. After Tektite we went to "The Arena" (damn traffic) in San Juan hoping to still catch FEU's game against Ateneo when we arrived and are about to buy tickets luckily I saw Rachel Anne Daquis going to the FEU bus already so I panicked and get the Daquis jersey that I just bought and had it signed. Wasn't able to have a picture with her (this time) because she's in a hurry. I just took a picture of her holding my signed jersey. FEU won the game and they are on the semis and will go back to watch their games. Thanks Rachel for signing my jersey!

for more pictures visit my multiply:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

* Joyce So at last

After a long wait a dream has finally come true. It's a simple one but for me it's really a big and that's meeting my crush Joyce So =) I saw her first in the TV (Bora) and her pictures in the magazines.

I can say I'm a big fan of chinita girls and when I saw Joyce So I really find her pretty and of course sexy. Then one time early this year around May I was informed by my friends that Joyce So will be guesting the HSN (Hot Summer Nights) car show at SM Mall of Asia parking lot, so I brought my Joyce So FHM's and went to the venue. Saw my friends (Robin, Mark, Drew, Chi and more).

We saw that Joyce So would be with Gail Nicolas and Cherry Ann Kubota in the particular event. I actually called-in that day in the office to tell that I'm sick but actually I'm not for the sake of the event. We spoked with the FHM peeps and they told us that unfortunately Joyce So can't make it and MC Quiazon would replace her. Awwwchh it really sucks big time because I was really damn excited to meet her. We just enjoyed the car show event and also glad in a way to meet Cherry Ann and Gail for the first time on that event.

After several months I saw the November issue of FHM and saw Joyce So in the cover so I thought that this would be the time that I should see her in person. Me and my friends planned to attend the Radio Tour (we can't wait before the signing) same thing I bought my Joyce So stuff and when we arrived the booth, Joyce So and Jacq Yu is now with them only Precious, Gail and Cherry Ann. Damn again for the second tme I felt bad again but I just thought that I shouldn't feel bad because she's going to be in the FHM signing on the weekends.

Weekends came (saturday) and I was planning to attend the UP AME (cosplay) and will just attend the FHM signing part 2 at Rob Place on Sunday but I know Joyce would be there so I just cancelled UP AME and just attended the FHM event. It's the first time I saw her and I can san it's worth the waiting hehe she was really pretty and very nice. Took photos of her, had my magazine signed and had a picture with her. Hope to see her in the future. It was a dream come true for me =)

* FHM November 2008 100th issue signing [day 1]

One of my most waited event every month is the FHM's autographn signing. I'm excited because I can take pictures, meet my friends, have my magazine signed and of course meet the cover girl/s. November is not an ordinary month for FHM because it is their 100th issue so they had 5 girls in the cover. I was planning to attend day [2] which is Sunday at Rob Place Manila because I'm planning to attend the UP AME (cosplay event at UP) on saturday but I dunno I just thought that I would just prioritize the FHM event (because Joyce So is there *crush)

I filed a swap for this day because I do have work during saturdays and I wanted to enjoy the event. I went with my gf and arrived around 5pm (I guess) Saw my friends Mark, Robin, Alex and more who is already in line for the signing. We decided to buy some drinks at Starbucks first while waiting in the line and also for the planner (I have 3 now and 15 more to go). Saw a lot of friends there Andrew, Arvin, Byron and more. Me and Alex decided to print some pictures in the ground floor before the event start and we are glad when we come back in the Movieworld area, the event just started so we are on time.

We prepared our magazines and also Toki (my cam). I noticed Precious (one of the cover girls) is not present anyways no sad feelings because I already met her during the radio tour. I was able to have my 2 FHM 100th issue signed and my old Joyce So FHM magazines.I also took alot of pictures (in my multiply).

There's alot of people who fall in line and alos people who are just watching the event and the girls while they sign the magazines. After having my magazine signed and having pictures with the ladies. We already left and took our dinner in the Robinson's Food court then went to Alabang and meet my college (DLSU) classmates.

Monday, November 10, 2008

* MYMO Concert

After the FHM radio tour my friends texted me if I would watch MYXMO because Moonstar88 (band) would perform, so I said "why not?" since it's been a while since I watched them play. I went to SM Mall of Asia without any ticket I was, they said I needed to get one for me to go inside. My friend Kawen told me to look for a MYX Magazine (which I did) and damn it was sold out in every magazine stand nd bookstore in MOA. I was feeling hopeless but I still went to the entrance of the backstage of the concert and texted Bhert (Guitarist of Moonstar88), I was there for 15 mins I think because the band has an interview and it was raining. Good thing they gaved me an "Artist Pass" so I was able to go inside (I was so happy). All of the bands and music artist are there, name it Rico Blanco, Bamboo, Pupil, Parokya ni Edgar, Gary V and more.

There is a tent where after every artist is done performing they would be interviewed in that tent so I stayed there and took pictures of every artist (I came late so I missed Bamboo and more) I took alot of pictures and met alot of artist that includes Urbandub, Hale, Mobstars, Kitty Girls, Kamikazee, Hilera, Sponge Cola, Billy Joe Crawford, Gary V, Typecast, Parokya and more.

Despite of the rain I was able to stroll around the backstage and take pictures. Free booze are on two tents damn I keep on coming back.

I was able to go the stage as well to watch the performing artist behind the stage and also to take pictures. Met the MYX VJ's as well like Iya and Nikki Gil.

It was really an experience because all of the artist are there and what more I can say. The crowd watching is almost 80k in attendance. I had fun through out the show but had a hard time going home because there's alot of people.

Watch out for the pictures in my multiply *to be posted soon!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

* FHM November 2008 Radio Tour

While browsing my albums in multiply someone made a comment in my Precious Adona Party in Embassy album. He put the link to Precious Adona's blog so I was curious and checked it. Then I saw that they will be having a radio tour from 4pm - 10pm so without hesitation I told myself that I shouldn't miss this. I texted my friends Robin, Mark and Alex about this and good thing that all of them would come as well.

I fixed my stuff (My magazines) and Toki (my cam). Met my friend Mark and we went to Robinson Galeria to grab a bite first and to buy an extra magazine for my friend who is in the US (Chi). I texted Precious as well that we are going to be there in the radio tour.

Radio tour was okay but only three of the five cover girls was present (Jacq Yu and Joyce So was not there) anyways we are able to had our magazines signed and had a photo with them (I don't have one with Presh). I'll just attend the signing this weekends for Joyce So and Jacq Yu.

I'm really excited this coming Sunday (Rob Ermita) for the signing because it would be my 1st time to meet my crush Joyce So :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

* Shakey's V-League Live

A friend of mine Josh Tadena from Adamson whom I met at the 89.9 Magic station last year who also covers the games for Adamson (Volleyball) informed me if I'm interested in watching the games so I agreed because it is also an oppurtunity to take pictures.

We decided to meet at SM Manila because I don't know how to go to "The Arena Stadium" I woke up 9:30am and our meeting time is before 12 noon in SM Manila so I quickly prepared my stuff and of course Toki (my cam) then went to the meeting place.

I arrived 12:15pm and good thing I make it to the meeting place first before they do. I bought the courtside tickets so I can take pictures of the game and of course to take pictures of the players.

The games for the day are the ff.
1st game : Ateneo vs Adamson *Adamson Won

2nd game: DLSU vs UST *UST Won
3rd game: FEU vs Lyceum * *Lyceum Won

It was my 1st time to watch Shakey V-League live and I can say I enjoyed it. I thought Volleyball was not exciting to watch but I'm wrong.

I took some photos of DLSU players like Manila Santos, ADMU's Charo Soriano, UST's Denise Tan and FEU's Rachel Daquis.
I'm now planning to buy a better lens so I can get better pictures in the future. I said to myself I would start watching the V-League because it's really nice watching the games and take note the ticket (courtside) cost only 100 bucks.

Monday, November 3, 2008

* FHM November 2008 the 100th issue

I just recently got the copy of the 100th issue of FHM Philippines and I can say I congrats to FHM and a two thumbs up to their 100th issue. I was also excited because of the incoming FHM signing this coming weekends Saturday - Galeria and Sunday - Rob Ermita because it is the first time that I would meet and greet Miss Joyce So. Anyways back with the issue, I was really satisfied with the cover girls Jacq Yu, Cherry Ann Kubot, Gail Nicholas, Precious Adona (a friend of mine) and Joyce So. Pictures are very nice with the girls holding a cake with a "100" candle on it.

Other articles are also cool, the 100 covers, 100 gadgets, music and more. I can say that FHM is getting better as time goes by. That's why they are so far the #1 Men's magazine here in the Philippines. Well hope to see you guys on the signing this weekend and I would take pictures as well using Toki (my cam).

* 1st Sunday of November

Woke up 1:30pm because we do have a basketball game against Genpact-Wachovia at Starmall Alabang. I prepared my things and went right away to the location and good thing there i not traffic.

Met my girlfriend who is going to watch our game and also to cheer me :) It was a close game eventhough the team is not complete compared to the opposing team and damn most of them are big guys. We lost the game by 6 points, we wasn't able to break the full court press. Felt bad because I wasn't given enough playing time and I just asked myself "Is it because I'm just new in the team?" anyways now I'm having second thoughts if I would play in our next game or not. The thing is I love the game of basketball so eventhough I can only play for limited minutes that would be enough for me.

After the game me and my girlfriend went to Festival Mall, we strolled around and ate our dinner at Pizza Hut. I was really tired because I still have work at 10pm so after dinner we just strolled around *again* and rest in the cinema lobby then I decided to go to the office to take a 1 hour nap before attending my shift.

On the start of my shift I'm still okay and energized but after several hours I felt sleepy and waited for 7am to come so I can go home right away. It was a long night for me but gald I still managed to survive. I'm also excited because after my shift is already my restday (Monday)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

* Covering he Avi Siwa Event and Hollyweird Party at Ascend

After the Krispy Kreme event me and my friend Alex walk around Bonifacio High Street..Lucky we are we saw Miss Jen Rosendahl and had a picture taken with her ^_^

It is still early for the party at Ascend and we are starving already so we grab a quick bite at KFC in Market Market then our friend arrived (Robin) and we hanged out first at Starbucks to kill time while waiting for the event.

Around 11pm we decided to go to Ascend and good thing we are in the guestlist. We went to the VIP room and met Avi Siwa. We asked permission if we can take photos of the event and she said "why not?" so lucky we are (Me and Alex) we became the official photographer for the event.

We took pictures of Avi and her guest and also people in their halloween costumes. Saw The Flash, Katwoman, Queen Amidala and more. Too bad me and my friends are not in costume (next year probably XD).

We enjoyed unlimited beer and the VIP area of Ascend. Took photos of the people who party that night, saw some familiar face like the people from Tony and Jackey (Korean Hair Salon) where I am a customer *wink and also met new friends in the event. It was my first time to attend a halloween party *to be honest because usually whenever halloween comes I am just stucked at home or at the cemetery with my family but this year was different =)

Before the party ended we managed to have our FHM Magazine signed by Ms. Avi Siwa. Party end around 3:00am and we decided to eat first because we are really starving and then went home and rest.