Friday, November 21, 2008

* Quality Off

After my monday shift I went straight home and surf the net for a bit. I've decided to render restday overtime for Tuesday night, I thought of taking advantage of it because it was my restday and at the same time it's OT there is going to be an extra pay for going to work for Tuesday and another thing is there is going to be 100 sodexho GC per hour so it's +800 GC for the day.

So like the usuall working day, Tuesday went fine and afer work I decided to hit the gym for 2 hours. After my workout I went to my girlfriend's house because she filed a leave for this day for us to be together. I can say I missed her so much even though I'm with her last Saturday. I slept when I arrived because I was so tired and sleepy because of work (office) and workout (gym). We talked about our work and our incomings plans for December and next year.Played with my bebe's cats and dogs. We also watched the tube and watch PBA which is my favorite TV show and luckily Sta. Lucia Realtor has a game against San Miguel Beer and Joseph Yeo my basketball idol scored 38 points damn he was amazing. After PBA we watched Survivor Philippines. Around 12mn I decided to go home because it was raining and my girlfriend has work on the next day so she needs to go to sleep already.

I can say I had a quality tuesday and wednesday because usually I'm just in front of the computer all day long surfing the net and watching Sentai stuffs. Hopefully next week I'll think of something interesting todo on my restday!

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