Wednesday, July 29, 2009

* Parting Ways

It's been a 2 weeks now that I'm experiencing a life without any responsibilities for the sake of love. I can say that it's fun and I was able to do more things specially for myself. I was able to go and attend gigs and events by not asking permission except for my Mom. I have all the time during my restday to the stuff that i wanted to do. I can say "Yeah I feel free" but it in a way it still feel different. I can see her online in twitter, plurk and facebook and deadma lang.

Today around 9:57am we decided to break up and end up our 8 years and 4 months relationship, yes we've been together for that long. We are still in our high school and we are still kids when our relationship started. We started as bestfriends during our freshmen days in highschool at first I though she was my cousin (for some reason we are not) I know I like her and she's fun to be with. We always joke around and share stories with everything. In our sophomore days she transferred to another school and I can say I felt sadness and I was glad she returned during our junior years. We are stil bestfriends during that time and during our last year in high school that was the time that our relationship went to the next level from bestfriends to girlfriend and boyfriend. I was so happy that finallly I had a girlfriend, so much happiness that i rolled in the streets * who cares if it's dirty (seriously). In our first months together I can say we had a hard time but as time passed by I can say our relationship became better and we are growing as a couple, we've been through alot of things, so many ups and downs in life but we are able to conquer them all. We have alot of things in common and share the same interest books, music, food, travel, beach, misadventures, gadgets, pets, vegetables, movies, anime, cosplay, magazines, kikay stuff *haha* and more.

In that 8 years we are able to do the things that we wanted specially traveling (vigan, baguio, galera and more). We grew up and been together from High School to College until we graduated. We didn't fight about money and I can say that our relationship is almost perfect. She was very very supportive with my basketball games, photography and more but of course I know there are some of my hobbies that she doesn't really like but she still supports me in a way. Hands down and I can't say anything about her, she was really really caring especially when I'm sick and when I was hospitalized, there are nights that she would skip work and she's the one who sleeps and watch over me in the hospital. When I transferred to Alabang from Makati (work) I can say that my shift got kinda shitty and got stuck with my Tuesday and Wednesday off. I can say we had a hard time with our schedule, she's working in the morning and I work at night, she's off during the weekends and me on a weekdays but for almost a year and a half we are able to adjust. She mostly did the adjustments visiting me during the weekends eventhough mostly I was still asleep when she arrives, I can say it's really hard but we didn't give up. I haven't thought that we will reach the 100th monthsary last July 7, 2009.

Today we ended breaking up, no more responsibilities but the good thing is no negative feelings and hatred to each other, we promised to be bestfriends whatever happens. It felt different but in a way I felt sadness. In a way we both agree and think this is going to be better for the bioth of us, for us to grow as a person. In that 8 years I think we have a world of our own what we only see is each other, yes we go out, meet other people and do things but there is still a limitation because of our relationship. You are still my bestfriend my bebechoy and I'm always here for you, you are special to me very special I can't forget someone like you. You changed and guide me with everything, became a good example as a person and taught me to be a positive person despite of the tons of problems that we encounter in our everyday lives. You made me a better person, I can't be the Richard Esguerra now without you. I love you always and you know that. Wishing the best for us!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

* E-Games Domination iii | Alodia Fan's Day

This event happened way back around April and my reason was with my previous blog why I posted this just now. Anyways this event ws held at SMX Convention Center and I had a hard time going inside because of the long line. The event is like Level-Up LIVE but I found the place small for the event. But I can say I enjoyed this event because I was able to see my friend FHM GND Arra Castro, some blogger friends, plurk buddies, Alodia, Ashley and some celebrities. I was given an ID as one of the volunteer for the Alodia Fan's Day Event by a blogger friend Azrael. I took photos of the events, I was in a hurry this day because of the Paloma FHM Signing at Galeria.

* Zambales Trip

This blog is kinda late because it's already July, I was so busy in the past few months and had some problems with my net connection and with my PC. Well we went to Zambales May 1 - 3, I was just asked by a friend/teamate at work to join them and at the same time for me to able to take photos. It's my 1st time in Zambales and we went stayed in Crystal Beach, during that time there are no big waves for surfer peeps but I can say the resort is crowded and the place is nice. I was able to take photos of the place, I felt out of place at first because I was with 4 couples with their kids and I am the only one who doesn't have a party tsk.. Anyways I can say I had fun, I tried surfing at Sitio Liwa Liwa the place was a 15 minute drive from Crystal Beach resort and the waves their are better than the ones in Crystal Beach. I can say I enjoyed surfing and wanted to try it next time. Anyways here's some of the photos I took, hope you liked it.