Tuesday, October 27, 2009

* Nike Hyperize AP

I just recently bought my Nike Hyperize AP or Hyperize Philippines Edition, I can say that I am really a fan of Philippine inspired items like my adidas Philippines track jacket and this shoe. It's been a while since I bought a basketball shoes and the last kicks that I bought was a black high cut Chucks. Since I do play basketball alot, I decided to buy one. Some of my friends told me to just get the Class A ones at Greenhills or Metropolis but of course the quality is still the subject here. I saw the price at the Nike store and it cost around 7.2k so I tried checking ebay.ph and I found a seller who is selling it (brand new) for 5.8k only. Before I deal with the seller, after a basketball game at Starmall Alabang me and a friend checked out if there is a fake version and good thing there is none. I contacted the seller and we met at Trinoma.

5 extra lace

My review for the shoes is it very light and comfortable. Since I do jum alot, this shoes is right for me. I like the design and the free 5 extra lace with 5 colors (green and yellow, green, yellow, blue and red). I chose the hyperize than the hyperdunk because of the design and the color. I'm starting to get addicted to shoes now and planning to buy another one this December.

* UFC 104 Machida vs Shogun

The event was held October 24, 2009 at Los Angeles, California. I watched the reply because I had somehting to do during the live telecast. I can say that I really liked the fight against Shogun and Machida. Eventhough for me Shogun who won the fight. This is the first time that I saw blood from Machida's face and his stomach already red because of the knees and kicks he got from Shogun. Lyoto was ellusive but I can say Shogun really preapred for this battle and hits Machida alot of times. Dana White announced that there would be a rematch cause he also thinks Shogun won.
Main card
Johnson defeated Yoshida via TKO (punches) at 0:41 of round 1.
Stevenson defeated Fisher via submission (elbows) at 4:03 of round 2.
Tibau defeated Neer via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).
Velasquez defeated Rothwell via TKO (punches) at 0:58 of round 2
Machida defeated Rua via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47) to retain the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.
Note: Info courtesy of Wikipedia.Org

Monday, October 26, 2009

* Fashion Week [Sunday] 10/25/09

I was invited by a good friend Wavski and given an invites to watch a fashion event at SMX Convention Center at SM Mall of Asia. Fashion Week is an event being held at SMX and Mall of Asia Atrium for 7 days. Models, Celebrities and Famous Designers will be spotted on this event. I got some invites for last PFW Event but I wasn't able to attend because of work but this time is my time to attend it. Me, Wavs her cousin and her sister watched the fashion show scheduled for 1:00pm at SMX Hall 2 for the Premier D Collection. Got the invites from my Wavski's friend who is one of the designers. We are seated in the front seat and I was able to take photos of the fashion show. It was my first time to watch and take photos of a fashion show and I can say it was a nice experience. The fashion show lasted for almost an hour and the designs are nice. The designer's for the show was Anthony Nocom, Jun Jun Cambe, Marc Tana, Odelon Simpao, Simon Ariel Vasquez and Ziggy Savella.

Around 7pm we went inside to SM Mall of Asia to watch the Bench, Human and Kashieca fashion show held the the Atrium. It wasa star studded fashion show and there is alot of people who watched the show. Celebrities who walked or modeled for Bench was Aljur, Kris Bernal, JC de vera, Richard Gomes, Lucy Toress, Wilma Doesnt, Elizabeth Ramsey, Paul Lee, Dingdong Dantes, Carla Abellana, Kim Chui, Gerald Anderson, Angelica Panganiban, Coco Martin, Jake Cuenca and more. The event also lasted for an hour, left around 8:15pm because I still have work at 9pm and I was late (wink). I'm looking forward for the next fashion week event to take photos or hopefully to be one of the models :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

* UNO Party at Aquaknox 10.22.09

I swapped my Tuesday off for a Thursday off for this event, The UNO Party for Facebook Fans at Aquaknox Restaurant in Makati. It's been a while since I attended an UNO event. The event was sponsored by Neo Laptop, San Mig Light, The Bar, Basketball TV and more. The party is different compare to previous UNO Parties where the cover girl will be introduced but this time it's just a party for UNO supporters. I am with my friends Robin, Vince and Carlo in the said event, it's open bar so San Mig Light is free from 9pm - 11pm. Internet connection is also free and the everyone ca surf the net through the strong WiFi connection in Aquaknox. Editor In Chief RJ Ledesma is there and said thank you to all who came, the event has games like beer drinking contest and raffles.

Me and my friends won a gift pack from the Bar and a Body Natur gift pack which is a hair removal for man (awch).
Saw some friend in the event and some personalities like Congressman Dan Fernandez and BTV's Lia Cruz. Got some UNO back issues (Cindy Kurleto and Celine Lopez). Took a few photos and the party ended around 12:30am. Went to Shakey's near A.Venue to eat afterwards.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

* FHM Issue #1

I started buying FHM and not collecting yet during July 2006 because I'm hearing alot about the 100 sexiest FHM magazine and I got curious ang got one (July 2001). I can say it's really rough during my college days because I can't buy the monthly issues of FHM because of the projects, food and of course computer games addiction. When I started working and I am earning money already, I started buying the monthly issues and started to backtrack the issues that I missed. I was able to complete my FHM issues from 2002 to the current issue and recenlty just got my 2001 set. Last week on my way to a gig in Mag:Net BHS I dropped by in Glorietta then checked this particular Magazines store in the Ayala MRT station where you can find old Maxim, UNO and FHM magazines. Then I was shocked and show they have the 1st ever issue of FHM which is in Mint condition, it cost 1.5k which is cheap compared to the one's in ebay where they sell the #1 issue for 5k. Eventhough it's not in my budget, I bought the magazine as soon as possible and I'm happy because it's really a collector's item. Imagine the issue was published way back March 2000 and it's already October 2009.

* Mika Lagdameo-Martinez's Gourmet Pao

Who is Mikaela "Mika" Lagdameo-Martinez? well I'm sure most of us is familiar with her commercials in the previous years like Skin White, Century Tuna, Nesvita Pro Digestion, Pond's Flawless White, Greenwich and more. She was also into modeling and started in the age of 15. Been through the cover pages of popular magazines like MPH, Candy, Rogue and more. Now at the age of 24 Mika is into the business, I can say that I am really a fan of her way back and I was able to follow her in twitter.com, I read her tweets bout one of her business which is Gourmet Pao's which is a siopao but not the ordinary one's because it's 3x larger than the regular size with different flavors. I got interested because I'm seeing and hearing positive feedbacks so I told myself to try and order so I texted the number that she gaved me and order a box with assorted flavors. I picked up my order and it was Mika personally who gaved me my order, I can say I was really happy and starstrucked cause as I've said I'm really a fan and I was able to talk to her in person, Mika was really nice and I was also lucky to have my Rogue Magazine signed and have a photo with her.

Mika for Rogue Magazine

me with Mika

By the way per box (6 pcs) cost 600 pesos which is really affordable because the siopao's are really big. I ordered the box with assorted flavors. My family liked it and especially my Mom, she told me that we should order again for this coming Christmas and New Year, me as well liked it because it's delicious, unique and affordable. I would definitely recommend it.

For interested with Mika's Gourmet Pao's below are the varities of flavors

Bob's Queso - Bacon and Cheese
Tuna Dekada - Spicy Tuna, Egg, Capers and Cheese
Dancing Queen - Cheese, Ham, Egg and Bacon
Manuquini - Chicken and Egg
Seven Treasures - Chorizo de Bilbao, Pork, Chicken, Bacon, Cheese, Egg and Bologna
Chucho - Cheese, Ham and Chorizo
Sosy-Sig - Pork Sisig and Egg
Sea-Sig - Bangus Sisig and Egg

Available in Mini Size:
Mini-Bob - Bacon and Cheese
Mini-Moo - Corned Beef and Egg
Mini-Quini - Chicken and Egg
Sosy-Sig - Pork Sisig and EggSosy-Sig

For inquiries and orders, please call/text/email
+639175377726 (0917JESSPAO)
gourmetpao@yahoo.com | gourmetpao@gmail.com

Friday, October 16, 2009

* Moonstar88 at Mag.Net BHS

My friend Tere texted me the gigs for October and since my off is during Tuesday and Wednesday there is only one gig that I can attend which is the gig at Mag.Net BHS 10.14.09, I texted my friends to come and watch but there is only three of us came (Tere, She and Me). The three of us met at Glorietta then we went to BHS to have coffee first and chit-chat while waiting for the gig to start which is 10pm.

The gig is for a cause and there's 5 or 6 bands that perform that night. Moonstar88 sang 2 new songs, Migraine and my request Panaginip then Senti :)

Maysh, She, me, Pao and Bhert

I was really happy because they can only plau 3 songs and they still played my request as a birthday gift for me.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

* My 25th Birthday | Collecticon 2009

2009 for me was really a blast, a lot of things had happened good and rough times especially when it comes to love. Weeks before my birthday came, I was thinking a lot on how to make it special and different, I thank God that he helped me because budget was short and a week before my birthday they offered OT's to the employees and I took advantage of it, so there problem solve :)

me, Clet, Mommy and Mhond

Previous years that passed I was always spending my birthday with a special someone but this year it's different, different but I was still happy because it's been a while since me and my family went out together. We had a family lunch at Gerry's Grill at Alabang Town Center and after lunch my brother (next to me) and my Mom went to Makati while me and my youngest brother went to Robinson's place Ermita for the Collecticon 2009 event where I was able to shop toys as a birthday gift for myself. I was able to buy the 5 shinkenger for 1,500 from 2,500 and a Figma Kanu Unchou from 1,500 to 1,300 so total damage is 2,800 which is not bad.

Kanu Uncho and my Shinkenger Set

We arrived around 3pm, meet my friend Ralph and we took some photos of the toys. In the Maxicollector booth Alodia and her sister Ashley was there and we are able to have some photos with them. Cosplayers are few in the event and the event really focused on toys. Glad to see familiar faces in the events that includes bloggers, photographers, cosplayers and friends from forums.

Left Robinson's Place around 7:45pm and went to SM Mall of Asia to meet an old friend from PeopleSupport Sheng, just hangout at Starbucks and then went home.

I was really happy and overwhelmed from the greetings that I got personally, thru text and online on my birthday and people remembering it is already enough as a gift. Well my birthday wish is for a better and stronger me. Lessons have been learned in the previous year and there is still a lot of things to learn, I can say I am happy and contented and enjoy what I have right now. I'll focus on my work, sports and events. Now I believe that everything comes back to us (good or bad). I'm really thankful that I have God, my family and friends specially those who was there during the rough times. Hope on my next birthday it would still be the same as today, simple but happy.

Friday, October 9, 2009

* FHM October 2009 with Valerie Concepcion

I was really excited when I've heard that Valerie Concepcion aka Ms. Slenda will cover for the October issue of FHM Philippines and of course me and the guys are looking forward for her meet and greet. The event was held as always at Robinson's Place Movie World from 5pm-7pm but it started around 6pm. It was my second time to meet her and during our first meeting I wasn't able to have a photo with her and finally I had my chance. She was really nice and friendly, I found her pretty when I first saw her at Click in channel 7 years ago.

The event is ok because staff is really nice and not strict, no bouncers haha. They allowed the fans to have their old issues of FHM signed as well.

The October issue is great issue, the photos are very classy and babes galore I can say. Game and movie reviews are also good. I can say FHM became an all around magazine because there is alot to see and learn by reading it.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

* Ateneo Blue Eagles (Juniors and Seniors) UAAP Season 72 Champion

photo from www.philstar.com

2009 is the year for Ateneo, first is for the Ateneo Blue Eaglets winning back to back championship against DLSZ in game 3 with Ravena (son of Bong Ravena) winning the MVP award. Next is for the seniors division where the Ateneo Blue Eagles defeated the UE Red Warriors in game 3, most (including me) thought that this is UE's time but again they failed. Back to Back finals MVP
Rabeh Al-Hussainiscored 21 big points and 14 rebounds and helped the Eagles with the 71-58 win.

Many players has stepped-up for Ateneo when the yare needed most including Eric Salamat who struggled during games 1 and 2, Noy Baclao showed why he is the second best defender in the league making things hard for UE to score and Jai Reyes who created the wise decisions and being the veterang point guard for the team. For the UE side it was the tandem of Paul Lee and Elmer Espiritu who is doing the job for the Warriors, Pari Llagas is really different and struggled during this game compared to his best performance during game 2. The UE bench was not that energetic compared to the previous game and it should have been a big factor.

Ateneo has now won back to back championships proving they are really the best from the eliminations to the finals.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

* UAAP 72 Seniors Basketball Finals UE vs ADMU Game 2

Even though I only slept for 4 hours because of work, I told my brotehrs to wake me up once the UE vs ADMU Game 2 game started, Ateneo won game 1 and it only shows they wanted to get the back to back Championship by showing their Championship experience. But Game 2 is different, for the first half it was a close game and Ateneo even led by 2 after the Jai Reyes three pointer.

Second half is really really different UE pleyers from the bench showed the energy, hassle plays and defense even though Elmer Espiritu and Paul Lee is in the bench resting because of foul trouble. Pari Llagas played wisely scoring against Ateneo's big men Al Hussaini and Baclao. When Paul Lee and Elmer Espiritu came back on the court they have outscored Ateneo in the 3rd quarter with Lee's strong drive to the basket and Espiritu's three pointers. UE survived and pushed the limits until Thursday for Game 3. Final score UE 88 vs Ateneo 68.