Friday, October 31, 2008

* Cosplay at Krispy Kreme's Halloween Party at Bonifacio High Street

I just saw the event at a friend's (Jobel) site at multiply and since there's cosplay and I'm going at Ascend at later that night so I took the oppurtunity to drop by and at the same time took pictures of the Cosplayers. Mostly are regular cosplayers from the previous cosplay events, I arrived almost 6pm due to traffic because of the holiday. Bonifacio High was alive because of the people and kids in costumes and also the events and parties everywhere.

Krispy kreme had a lot of customers and mostly kids, also because of the cosplayers. Jobel and her sister are in their costume (Supergirl and Ragnarok costume), Freddie, Wolverine, Batman, Spiderman and Joker are also there. Kids and families are having their pictures taken with the cosplayers.

Met several friends and hang out with Ivan (Jobel's bf) who is the bassist of one of my favorite band in Sonicboom "Hilera". We call it a day around 8pm and my friend Alex arrived also and took pictures of some of the cosplayers.

See you soon on the next cosplay event -> "UP AME on 11/08/08" ^_^

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

* 1st hospital experience

It was my 1st time to be admitted in the hospital for several days. I'm really trying to keep myself healthy and honestly avoid going to the hospital because I do have phoebia with needles and blood ^^

After my work (Friday 9pm-6am) me and my teamates ate grab a bite at Jolibee then went home after were done. I went to the gym first (which I'm doing for 2 weeks already) and finished my program until 9:30am. I got home and went online to check some stuff and slept and rest. After an hour or so I woke up and felt hell because of the pain on my stomach which I never felt before. Good thing my girlfriend was and accompanied and helped my mom in bringing me in the hospital.

* I really felt bad cause we do have a basketball game that day and at the same time I am also planning to meet some of my college friends at night.

I was really chilling and feeling cold and at the same time my fever was high (39 according to the Doctor), I do vomit from time to time and my abdomen really hurts. My Tita who was one of the Doctors told my mom to let me stay in the hospital for a while for some test and also to know the cause of the pain.

It was really a different experience for me cause I'm just stucked in my room watching cable tv, playing my psp and texting friends everyday. Blood pressure check and drinking of medicine and antibiotic from time to time ^^ Putting the dextros and the blood extraction sucks *awch ^^ and another thing that I hate is there is no internet and yummy foods are restricted to me, All I can eat is the tasteless food that they gave me T_T Oh before I forgot my friends brought pizza from pizza hut and I can't help myself and ate 1 slice and after I finished eating the pizza my stomach suddenly felt the pain again and since then I just stick to the tasteless food *lugaw T_T

According to my Doctor it's gastro, and according to the test my kidney are okay and good thing I'm not positive with diabetes ^^
Good thing I'm okay now, I felt I missed alot of activities and also work!

* Toinks Toy Exhibit

I joined the toy club (Toinks) in our company because I do collect action figures and statues. My friend Wavski informed me that the group is going to have a toy exhibit in the office from 12mn - 5am (October 21) since it was my off and my good friend asked me to bring display my toys I decided to bring some of my stuff in the office. Damn I had 2 big bags and a paper bag full of toys and also my camera (Toki).

It was my 1st time to display my toys in public. I arrived ealry around 10pm I t hink then started to display my toys in the recreational room in our office. I brought my old school wrestling figures and mostly are figures and characters from video games and anime.

I think there are 15 member who showed and displayed there collections, 1 has a collection of hummer, one has a Gi Joe collections and more. There is also a viewer choice award because every visitor needs to vote and it's 3000 bucks.

Too bad I didn't win but that's okay, displaying my toys is enough and it really made me feel proud :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

* Level Up Live 2008 | Day 2 | 10.19.2008

It was a Sunday and because of the things that I have to do I missed day 1 f Level Up Live 2008 at World Trade Center Pasay, Manila. We had a model shoot at Cavite so I wasn't able to attend Day 1 of the said event, so after my shift (9pm - 6am | Saturday)

I went home right away and prepared my stuff for Sunday's activities which is Level Up Live day 2 and our basketball game (Alabang Basketball League). I slept for two hours then met my girlfriend at Jolibee and bought food. Saw my friend Mark at the bus who is also going to the event but would meet her girlfriend first. We went to my previous dorm at Manila to get my rubber shoes that I would use for the afternoons game and went to the Level Up Live.

We arrived at World Trade Center around 1:00 pm and bought tickets for 50 bucks with free 50 pesos level up top up load, kinda disappointing because there are only few cosplayers comapre to the the last year's Level Up LIVE event anyways

I was still able to take photos of cosplayers and met some new friends. Saw some of my friends and a classmate there as well. Saw the creator of Ragnarok Online but failed to have his autograph T_T because of the long line. Saw alot of foreign Ragnarok players as well around who is there to compete for the World Championship. We left around 3:30pm, the time the cosplay would start =(

* Playboy's Rock The Rabbit

After an almost disappointing party for Playboy Philippines last month, Playboy Philippines came up with another party called "Rock the Rabbit" which is also happens in different countries (where Playboy is).

At first I''m having second thoughts in attending the party because of what happened to the 1st party where most of the people wasn't able to bring their cameras inside (except me *toinks) and next is most of my friends can't make it because they do have work but I'm glad two of my friends was able to make it to the party so I decided to go.

The event was held in Arkadia Bar in Malate (sponsored by Musik Lokal) and it started 10pm. Me and a friend (Alex) met at Robinson's Place so we could go there together because we are not familiar with the location. So there equipped with our camera's we went there and good thing we find the place right away because it's raining during that time. We are also happy because we was able to bring inside our camera's, There's alot of people inside and it's an exclusive event and good thing I know someone from MusikLokal (thanks Warren). It was hosted by Myx VJ Sib and Miss Maui Taylor, show was great, food is free, great bands played like Up Dharma Down, Taken by Cars, Overtone and the Ronnies and lastly 5 Playboy Playmates was there and don't forget the bunnies who sells Playboy Magazine inside the bat and is always ready for our camera!

I was really happy because I had my Playboy magazine signed by May Playmate Billy Jean and October Playmate Danica Hann and also my Maui Taylor stuffs. It's my first time to meet Maui and she was really nice.

I'm sure everyone went home here smiling..Haha no haters to those who wasn't able to bring their camera's inside during the last Playboy party!

Monday, October 20, 2008

* My 2nd Model Shoot at Cavite

I can say after the 1st model shoot with CCC, I was really looking forward and excited for the next photo shoot activities of the group. During one of my restdays while I am online surfing, I chatted with Sheen who is also one of the member of the group (CCC) and she mentioned she knows someone who is an aspiring model and wanted to do a photoshoot for free or let say x-deal (she would pose and we would give her copies of our shots). I waited for it and when I saw the post in the group's site I was really excited because the model (Rizza) was really pretty. We set the date for the 2nd shoot on the 18th (Saturday) and I have to skip level up LIVE day 1 anyways I swapped scheduled for my friday shift for me to have enough sleep for the shoot and we met at Mister Donut at SM Dasma around 1:30pm and met one of the newest member Sir Ali. Ace and Heinz arrived and then after several minutes Sheen arrived with Rizza and I can say she was really pretty. Sheen introduced her to us and she said that she is still studying in La Salle taking up Tourism. After several minutes Jervin arrived and we left SM and went to La Med Village for the shoot.

The shoot went well because there are only 5 or 6 of us, Sheen didn't take pictured because he's hubby forgot to bring his cam and Sir Manny just followed us in the location. Rizza was really photogenic, she was kinda shy at first because it's her 1st time to pose in front of photograhers and Heinz is the one who tells her the pose that she must do.

Photo shoot ends around 6:30pm, Heinz and Sir Manny left early because of some family commitments. After the shoot I still went to work and damn I was late for 37 mins, felt sleepy the whole shift but happy because of the shoot.

Monday, October 13, 2008

* FHM October 2008 Signing with Ms. Jean Garcia

If you read my previous post around 4pm we left SM Megamall and went to Robinsons Galeria, Saw my friends Robin, Rod and Mark in the venue (Robinsons Movie World). So we chatted for a while while waiting for the cover girl to arrived so that the event would start.

Miss Jean Garcia arrived around 6pm and she was really pretty and she looks young at the age of 37 or 37 (sorry not sure) good thing we are one of the first peeps in the line so we got our magazines signed right away. Jean Garcia was really nice and she greeted me (in dedication on the magazine) a "Happy Birthday" and after having my magazine signed me, my gf, Mark and her girlfriend decided to eat in the foodcourt.

After eating (finishing my favorite HK Style Noodles Double) we went to Megamall to check the Cosplay event again. After taking a few pictures, we decided to part ways with Mark and her gf and decided to go home.

* Cosplay Mania 2008

Still tired and lack of rest from the Baguio adventure, we still managed to attend the Cosplay Mania 2008 at SM Megatrade Hall 3 at SM Megamall, Cosplay Mania 08 is on of the major cosplay events for the year so I shouldn't miss it.
We arrived around 12:30pm and damn there's tons of people already so we decided to buy tickets already which cost 10 buck per person (not bad). I think the location was too small for the event, there's a lot of people and it is very hot inside. A lot of good cosplayers are also there. So I didn't waste my time to use my Nikon d40 to take pictures of the cosplayers and the toys dispalyed.

There are also gaming booths and booths that sells cosplay accesories and costumes, there are also booths that sells toys in a reasonable price.
A lot of cosplayers are there, I was amazed with their costumes and I know they put a big effort and money on it. I saw Ryuk, "L", Evangellion, The Akatsuki group, and the famous "Sailor Man" which really made the people laugh.

Around 1pm I saw my schoolmate Ace then my friend Miguel who are also into photography, so we strolled around in a bit to take pictures and decided to take our lunch in the food court around 1:30pm (before we missed Alodia)

*Alodia is a famous cosplayer

So there 2:30pm Alodia arrived together with her sister Ashley in the Maxcollector booth inside, of course as expected there's a lot of people who wanted to take pictures and to meet her personally. Good thing me and my girlfriend had our chance to go inside and have a picture of Alodia and Ashley.

We continued going inside the hall and outside to take pictures until 4pm and decided to go to Robinsons Galeria for the FHM Event for October 2008

*read my FHM October Event blog

We came back at Mega around 7pm and still a lot of people inside so we just decided to take pictures of the cosplayers outside the venue and decided to go home and take a rest. Damn I was really tired and exhausted on this day with all of my stuff from Baguio with the pasalubongs and souvenirs.
Thanks for reading ^_^

* Out Of Town Birthday Celebration

When I was a kid (which is years back) I'm really excited when by birthday is months away because I'm expecting a gift (action figure/toy) from my Mom and of course her birthday treat to me and my bros which is a movie, arcade and food treat at the mall but In the past few years ( starting high school) everything changed , I'm really not excited when my birthday is already near just because I'm already a grown up and my birthday usually became an ordinary day. No more birthday cakes, parties, gifts, etc.. I envy my classmates because during their birthdays, I would see them having new gadgets (latest mobile phone) or gifts I understand because my Mom is the only one who is taking care of us and paying for all of our expenses (for the family). I usually spend my birthday at work and at in school in the past few years but this year is really different cause I really wanted it to be special because If I won't do anything then nothing would happen. So months before October I already filed a vacation leave for almost 1 week and already saved money because I wanted to spend my birthday somewhere which me and my gf decided to be in Baguio.I was really excited so morning of the 9th I went to the gym because I know I would missed it for several days because of the vacation, got home around 1pm and fixed my stuff. I went to Glorietta and meet my girlfriend (Donna) at Burger King area. We grab a bite at Bodhi (Vegetarian fast food) and went to the supermarket of SM to buy something to eat on the bus on the way to our destination. Took the bus to Cubao and bought our tickets in Victory Line for the 10pm trip, we just slept in the bus and arrived so damn early in Baguio which is around 4am (it's my birthday na!), it was very cold and during those times there is not hotel who would accomodate us because it is too early so we just stayed in the bus station for a while a took a nap.

It's 6:30am already so we bought a map first then walked around and went to the church near Session Road, Prayed and thanked God for the blessing in life that he gaved us and wished for more blessing and good health for me and for my loved ones. I took pictures of the church then continued walking to looked for an open resto because we are already starving. Found Chowking so ate there and went to Baguio City hall (took pictures again!) and then went to Strawberry farm. Arrived there around 9am, too bad there are only few strawberry because it's not yet it's season so we just bought some souvenirs (bonnets, etc). We rode a taxi and looked for the Rose farm which is in Camp Dangwa area, too bad we wasn't able to find the rose farm and it was way down the city so even though tired and sad we just went back to the City to find a hotel since it's near 12noon already.
Dropped by at the ukayukay 1st then my gf bought a shirt then we looked for a hotel where we can stay and take a rest. Found a hotel near Mabini St. and the price is cheap plus they gave free breakfast (cool) and staff are also friendly (most are students OJT) so there finally we rest and sleep till afternoon.

Weather is really not good during those times, rain keeps on pouring so we canceled our plan for the afternoon which is going to PMA, Minesview and Mansion but instead we just went to Session Road and eat at KFC. After eating our early dinner we went to SM Baguio and took pictures in the balcony area, my gf bought a mini chocolate cake and a candle for me after SM we went to Ibay's Silver Shop and my gf bought a cross earrings. Tired of walking we still went to the ukay ukay area in Session Road and found a Grimace and Hamburglar stuffed toys for only 50 each (not bad) and then dropped by 7-11 and bought 2 bottles of Vodka Mudshake, 1 Heineken canned beer and Water then went back to the hotel to rest. I texted my friends who remembered and greeted me on my special day before the day ends. Ate the cake and after a long time I blew a candle on a cake again. Drink the vodka and beer that we bought while watching the PBA and Discovery Channel in the tube.

Day 2 (October 11) Woke up early because there's a lot of things to do for the day. We started the day by eating our breakfast in the hotel's resto then ride a cab to Lourdes Grotto, I thought weather is going to be fine but still it rains every now and then anyways after Grotto we went to Burnham Park and strolled around the area. We rent a boat for 60 bucks (unlimited) and rest for an hour I think. After boating we went to the public market and bought some pasalubongs (Benquet Coffee and Chocoflakes) then went back to the hotel to check out (12 noon).

After fixing our things we went back to SM Baguio and took our lunch at Greenwich then left our stuff in the package counter and stayed at SM till 3pm. We ride a cab again and went to Minesview, again it is still raining but good thing is we still managed to buy souvenirs and pasalubongs (wine and strawberry jam) and take pictures (with the dog AJ as well and with the horse).

After Minesview we went to Wright Park and Mansion and took pictures again. We are very tired so we decided not to go to Botanical Garden and PMA. We just went back to SM and took our dinner at Paotsin.
After dinner we went to the Victory Liner bus station and bought tickets back to Manila. We left Baguio 7:30pm and arrived in Manila 1:30am. This blog was really an epic haha and it's kinda late because I wasn't able to go online in the past few days because I was really tired and there's a lot of things to do. Thanks for reading ^_^

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

* Restday at last

After a long wait my restday came, I was really excited because I'll be back to work next Monday (10/13). I slept in the office till 12:00pm then grab a quick lunch at HK Noodles (favorite) then went to the gym. Today as per my program my targets are legs and shoulders. I'm done with my program for the day in just 1 1/2 hour and added my abs work for me to feel more better. I'm really serious now with going to the gym, I'm really motivated and since I went to they gym I really felt better physically and mentally, I'm hoping that this would continue. Anyways I went home around 3pm.

Uploaded my pics during the saturday photoshoot at multiply and flickr and watched Gekiranger.

By the way today is our (me and Donna) 7th year and 7months monthsary, I'm really happy that we are still together despite of all the ups and downs in our relationship. I do thanked her for not giving up on me and for believing in me. I love you baby!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

* Collecticon @ Rob Place Manila

Still lack of sleep because of my activities during the previous days, me and my girlfriend went to Robinsons Place Manila for the Collecticon Event which is an event for toys. Sponsored by the Pinoy Toy Kolektor forums, alot of toys are on sale for October 4 and 5. Too bad I missed day 1 but I bought some toys during day 2.

I was only there to check the event but I couldn't resist myself and bought Gekiranger and Masked Rider Kiva toys :)

Also bought Disc 2 of Gekiranger from CSCENTRL.

Had fun during the day even though it was tiring, had a quality time with my girlfriend who also had fun during the event.

* 1st Photoshoot

I'm a newbie in photography, recently I joined a photography group in the multiply site that was founded by a schoolmate/friend of mine Ace. The group is for Caviteno's who is into photography and to bad I'm from Laguna but I still joined the group. 1st model shoot was set for October 5 and since 10am is the call meeting time at SM Pala Pala and my shift for October 4 is 9pm-6am, I already brought my stuff and my cam with me in the office. After my tiring shift I slept in the sleeping quarters for 2 hourse (6am-8am) and ate breakfast in Alabang and went to the meeting place (it's been a while since I've been to Cavite)

I arrived around 10:30am and some of the members are already there and also our model Ira. Ace (President) introduced me to the members. We left SM around 12 noon and went to clubhouse of La Mediterenia, we are 12 in the group during that time so we divided the group into 3 and per shoot is 15mins. We had 2 models and had the shoot in the clubhouse and in the forest like aread of the village. Even though the weather is not good the shoot went well and I learned alot from the other members.

Even though sleepless and tired I'm really happy with the shoot and excited with the next shoot which is street photography or Churches in Cavite. Feeling really bad because of stress and lack of sleep I still went straight to work that night.

*photos to be posted soon!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

* Day 2 at the gym

We don't have a basketball practice for friday morning so I decided to go straight to the gym after my shift. I brought my stuff in the office.

In the office my CSM (Supervisor,TL, etc..) coached me for my lost hours and gave me a written warning for not adhering for my break schedules on a particular day (damn I just took it 24mins earlier) anyways I just take it positively and besides I'm still eligible for the monthly bonus even though I have this warning which would slide after 90 days. Anyways after my shift I ate my breakfast at Jolibee Pacita to have some while waiting for my gf (Donna) and after she arrived we went to get money and then she went to work and I went to the gym.

My program for the day is Triceps and Back, still no sleep I still managed to finish my program with 4 sets and 12 reps per exercise. I'm kinda struggling with dome of the triceps exercise. After that went to Mercury drug to grab some yogurt drink then went home. Went online for a while and do this blog.

I'm really hoping I can continue with what I'm doing right now (gym) and I'm also damn excited for my 1st ever photoshoot tomorrow at Cavite with my Group mates ( Till my next blog! I'll post some pics :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

* Missing our movie date

It's was my restday (Wednesday) at the same time it was a holiday, so my girlfriend doesn't have work yesterday. So we decided to go out and have the usuall movie date that we really missed a lot. It's been a long time since our last movie date and to be honest I really can't recall what was the last movie that we watched. Moving forward there woke up around 9am and damn my body really aches and I'm feeling the effect of my workout on the previous day, anyways went online and do my stuff (facebook, multiply and more) then prepare. Me and my girlfriend (Donna) met around 12:30pm and we decided to go out eventhough of the hard rain. We decided to have our date at Alabang Town Center instead of Glorietta or Greenhills because of the weather, arrived there (ATC) around 1pm and ate at Tokyo Tokyo. I was really hungry and ordered a lot, 3 1/2 rice, 8 california maki, snack size yakisoba, large red ice tea and SUMO meal, my gf can't believe that I could finish eating all of it anyways we are really full and decided to stroll around and check the prizes of the mobile phones (my gf is going to buy a new one) then we went to the cinema area to buy tickets because the 3:00pm is the next schedule for the movie Eagle Eye.

Eagle Eye was really a good movie and I do recommend it (no spoilers ^_^ ), I was really amazed because I was really unaware that it was a Spielberg film. Anyways, movie end around 5:30pm and after t
hat we continue walking around ATC . We went to Bench to buy perfumes, to Powerbooks to inquire for a book that my Mom is looking for, Magazine store to buy the latest copy of FHM Philippines =) and to PCX where my gf bought her girly stuff. After walking around we got tired and felt hungry again so we went to Bread Talk to buy some bread (of course) then to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to get some coffee and tea and hang out till 8pm and decided to went home. By the way before we went out ATC, my gf found an IPOD shuffle 2nd generation player and we think someone left it, since no one was there to claim it then we just take it =)

I was really happy because me and my gf is really having a hard time to find time for each other because of our schedule (I work at night and she works in the morning) and we do have a different restdays (mine is tue-wed and hers was sat-sun). Thanks for reading my blog!