Saturday, September 26, 2009

* Typhoon Ondoy

Friday night I saw in the new that there would be an incoming Typhoon on Saturday morning, Saturday night it was already raining on my way to work. The rain did not stop till morning. I got home around 8am and the rain still continues until I slept. Around 11:30am my youngest brother woke me up because he said that flood is already in our gate and it rises fast. So me togetehr with my two brothers and my Mom helped each other and arranged our things and put them in the safe areas before the flood could hit our stuff. We had a team building today at BF Paranaque and I have work at 9pm and because of the flood and the rain, the team building was cancelled and I just skipped work tonight because I can't go outside because of the flood that I believe is around my neck.

Good thing the rain already stopped, flood went inside our house and good thing it did not reached the rooms, tomorrow for sure there would be alot of cleaning and arranging to do. I'm glad cable, electricity and internet is still up and I know my family is safe. I'm thankful to God everything is alright and hope that the others would be helped as well.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

* Mayweather remains undefeated 40-0

September 20, 2009 is one of the most awaited day for boxing because it would be the return of the undefeated Pound for Pound King (2 years ago) Floyd Mayweather Jr. against Mexico's number one Juan Manual Marquez. The fight was supposed to happen last June and because Mayweather got injured in the rib it was postponed to September.

Mayweather aka The Pretty Boy remains undefeated with his record of 40-0 and 25 KO's winning the bout with an unanimous decision, during the fight it showed Mayweather is faster and bigger, Marquez had a hard time hitting Mayweather with some solid punches because of his speed and great defense. Mayweather toyed with Marquez giving him a grin after every jab and everytime combination Marquez is giving him.

Marquez now (50-5-1) got knocked out in round 2 and overpowered him in the next rounds, losing the bout, his streak for pound for pound greatness and following Pacquiao's trail was stopped at the welterweight division by Mayweather. Marquez for me gaved his "A" game on this fight it's just Mayweather is to strong and fast for him, but he stayed on his feet until the end of the fight showing that Marquez really wanted to win the fight.

Mayweather landed 59% of his punches with only 12% for Maruqez, now the question is who will be next for Mayweather would it me Shane Mosley or the winner of the incoming Pacquiao and Cotto fight.

* UAAP 72 Beach Volley Adamson beats FEU and winning the Title

The UAAP 72 Beach Volleyball Champions (Adamson University)
Paulina Soriano, Leslie Ann Gata and Angela Benting

Sweeping the eliminations the Adamson Lady Falcons (Angela Benting, Leslie Ann Gata and Paulina Soriano) won the the 2009 UAAP 72nd Women's Beach Volleyball Tournament beating the FEU Lady Tammaraws (Camille Abanto and Marigail Tolentino).

FEU beats DLSU prior to the championship game, gaved a good fight against the Adamson team. Adamson eliminates the same FEU tandem in the recent Nestea Beach Volley in Boracay.

Adamson won the first set taking advantage of the errors of FEU. FEU came out strong in the second round winning it and in the third round Adamson showed and proved that they would remain unbeaten in the tournament winning the game and the Championship.

* UAAP 72 Beach Volley DLSU [w] finished 3rd place

It was already the semi finals of the UAAP 72 Beach Volley for womens so me and a friend decided to watch the games at UE Caloocan, Woke up around 5:30am and prepared because I'm coming from Laguna, good thing it was not traffic because it's a Sunday and I arrived around 9am.

First game for the women's division was the battle of the third (DLSU) and fourth (UST) placer, Winner will move to the next game against the second placer (FEU).

DLSU started strong using their height advantage but UST fought back and later in the set DLSU had several service errors but they were able to get the win for the first set 21-17.
Second set was really for DLSU,Cha Cruz scored 4 straight with her serves that UST thought is going outside, with the help of Jacq Alarca's powerful spikes and Cha Cruz blocks they easily won the second set 21-11

DLSU moved to the next round against FEU, they are given a 15 minute break before the next game, DLSU Lady Spikers current players (Camille Cerveza, Steph Mercado, Kaye Martinez) including rookies and previous players (Saet, Datuin and Hernandez) was also watching and supporting the team.

With the momentum on their side DLSU started strong again for the first set winning it 21-9
Second set started and FEU fought back with their saves and countering DLSU's errors winning the second set 19-21

Third set was a close game but DLSU I think is already tired from the the first game and they had alot of errors on this set and FEU took advantage of it winning the set against DLSU 12-15.

Win or Lose I'm still a DLSU fan and supporter. Animo La salle, wishing you luck in the incoming games :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

* Admit One: feat Cambio, Sugarfree, Urbandub, Pedicab and Chicosci at Saguijo

My 2nd stop for the day, after watching the games at UE Caloocan.

The event was held at Saguijo Cafe at Guijo St. Makati which is produced by Admit One and the bands for the night was Cambio, Sugarfree, Pedicab, Chicosci and of the most awaited band for the night Urbandub. Since Urbandub is in the lineup, we have decided to be in Saguijo early, got there around 9pm and place is not yet crowded but almost every minute that passed group of people arrives so we have decided to order a bottle of beer and look for a good place to watch and take photos.

The event started early around 10:00pm, and the event was also for MYX and Tanduay. MYX is also launching their latest MYX Mag issue with the back to back cover of Chicosci and Sugarfree. Event was hosted by VJ Bianca and VJ Chino. Entrance is 150 bucks which is not bad with the night's band lineup and with a free MYX Mag (latest issue). Cambio is the first band to play, I can say I'm not familiar with their songs but I loved it after hearing them. It was my first time to watched them play saw Buddy Zabala from Eraserheads as their bassist, Diego from Pedicab and Ebe of Sugarfree for the guitars it was an all-star cast.

Second band that played that night was Pedicab, also my first time to watch them and it was crazy, I loved and enjoyed their sound effects by RA Rivera and vocals by Diego. Crowd is going crazy specially when they played the song "Ang Pusa Mo".

Finally the most awaited band for the evening which is Urbandub, all cameras and crowd are waiting for them. They haven't played for Saguijo for several months because they are busy with their new album coming out this year. They played their hits "Guillotine", "First of Summer", "Frailty" and a new song which I forgot the title.

Fourth band is Sugarfree, Ebe is playing with his new effects for his mic, they sang old and new songs. They played "Prom", "Burnout" and "Tulog Na" and new songs from their new album.

and last but not the least it's time for Chicosci, my first time to watch them and it was really fun and it was really really loud. Played my one of my favorite song "7 Black Roses", they played new songs from their new album which is out now. They also played the Poker face screamo version which is really really cool. Event ended around 1am and everyone is happy not only with the bands but also with the freebies and games from MYX.

* UAAP 72 Beach Volleyball | DLSU is in the final four

It's my first time to watch a beach volleyball game for the UAAP, and finally I was able to get the schedule so me and my friend went to UE Caloocan campus where the games are being held.

Where: UE Caloocan Campus
Date: September 16, 2009

When we arrived it was the game between DLSU and UST, where Cha Cruz and Jacq Alarca won two sets againts UST's Maru Batinacla and Jen Fortuno 21-15 and 21-18, despite the service errors DLSU was able to pull off the victory. With this victory DLSU is in the final four with the standing of 4-2.

Same story with the second game of DLSU for the day against NU where they used their height advantage against NU and also the hassle and saves that gaved them the victory.

Monday, September 14, 2009

* Cosmania 2009

I have work Saturday from 9pm - 6am and I was invited by my co-workers invited me to hangout in his new house and also for me to check his place and I obliged to join and stay till 10:30am. I got home around 11am and I am still sleepless, I feel sleepy and tired already and still went online to check my facebook, twitter, plurk and multiply account for updates. I rest for a bit then prepared myself and went to SM Megamall. I slept in the bus on my way to Mega, I arrived around 2pm and meet my friend Ralph in the megatrade hall.

We started taking photos of the cosplayers outside the megatrade hall because there is alot of them. Saw familiar faces and new ones for both cosplayers and photographers. I went inside and the ticket is 100 bucks, I can say well it's not that worth it because nothing much is inside, I was expecting for some toys for sale but there is only few booths inside, most stores are for cosplay accesories. The lighting inside is not that good so I need to use flash, alot of peeps inside as well. Cosplay games, events and booths inside. Honestly I enjoyed taking photos outside because of the light and there's alot of cosplayers outside than inside the megatrade hall.

Anyways I enjoyed every cosplay event that I am attending because I am a big anime fan, got to meet friends and also the toy sale. Left the event around 5:30pm becuase of the FHM event at Robinson's Galeria.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

* FHM September 2009 with Cristine Reyes

After Cosmania 09 at SM Megamall me and my friends went to Robinson's Galeria to attend the FHM September 2009 signing with Philippines #1 Cristine Reyes. We arrived around 5:45pm and the line is already long. Saw some familiar faces in the signing and some friends. Met some new ones as well and most of them are photographers and toy fanatics as well just like me. There is also a Cobra Energy drink booth behind the stage and they are giving the fans a free taste as well.

After 30 minutes the event started and hosted by Magic's Sam YG and of course introduction with Cristine Reyes and they showed the behind the scene footage of her shoot in SCTEX.

It took a while before we get our turn, we can see that there are Security guards or let's say bouncers on the stage, they are strict this time and we don't know why. I was able to have my magazine sign and have a pic with Cristine Reyes. This was my 3rd time to meet her, My 1st and 2nd time was also both in the same place for the first issue that Cristine became a cover girl for FHM and for the 2008 FHM calendar with Katrina Halili. Cristine was really nice and she stands up for the picture taking for a good photo.

With my review for the September issue, well I can say I liked the shoot for Cristine because if the quality of the photos and there's alot of pictures. It's a special cover back to back with Robin Padilla. FHM is getting better and better, I can say as of the moment they are still the Philippines #1 Men's Magazine. Hoping for classy issues for the coming months and cool events as well.

Monday, September 7, 2009

* Year One (2009)

After almost 18 years I watched a movie in a big screen twice in a day, last time I did that was with my mom when I was 7, we watched Suburban Commando (Hulk Hogan) and Beauty and the Beast in Robinson's Galeria. Yesterday we watched Up and Year One.

I love watching Jack Black's movie because it was really really funny, I also enjoyed this movie it was really really funny specially the dumb moments and the characters. Of course I recommend this movie but it's not for kids because of the mature language used.

Zed (Jack Black) is a hunter and Oh (Michael Cera) is a gatherer. After being informed that Zed ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the shaman banishes him from the tribe. Oh decides to go with Zed on his journey to find the end of the Earth. Together they journey and meet people and most are from the bible. In the movie it would show their journey and how they saved the people.

* Disney's Up (2009)

The film centers around a grumpy old man named Carl Fredricksen and an overeager Wilderness Explorer named Russell who fly to South America in a floating house suspended from helium balloons. The movie showed their adventures and struggles on their way to South America.

Since I saw the trailer of this movie, I told myself that I would watch it. I am not a fan or into 3-D films of movies for kids like these but I can say I was excited to watch it. Finally when I've heard that it's already showing in the cinemas I said that I would watch this movie on my restday. As per wikipedia the movie got positive feedback's which I agree and the movie has some sad parts but the movie is great and there's alot of things that would be learned especially for kids. Movie is hilarous and full of adventure

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

* District 9 (2009)

I've heard alot of from my friends that the movie District 9 is good, the orignal plan was to watch Disney's Up but we have decided to watch District 9 instead. Since I saw the trailer of this movie I was really excited to watch for it. The trailer gaved me goosebumps seeing the big alien ship above the city. I can say as well that I'm really inro Alien films because it's really interesting and also the documentaries about it, if I will be asked if Aliens exists well my answer will be yes lolz.

Anyways watched the movie in Promenade in Greenhills, my first time to watch a movie there and I can say I liked it. Seats are very soft and comfortable I wanted to sleep after seating on it. I research a little about the movie and it was a South African film directed by Neil Blomkamp. The film stars are Sharito Copley (Wilkus van de Merwe), Jason Cope and Robert Hobbs. I found the movie amazing because of the story and the effects, it's like a documentary because they interview people about the event and some web cam footage. It was really amazing because in the movie it showed that Aliens lived here on Earth and they can communicate with us. MNU an organization who is assigned to relocate the aliens or called prawns from District 9 to District 10 because people are complaining about it and Wilkus (Copley) is the one who is assigned to lead it but during the relocation operation he got exposed to a black liquid created by one of the aliens which is going to be the fuel of a ship that made Wilkus became an alien as well but in the story he did not became an alien right away and he run and spend effort because he wanted to be a human again in which one alien (Christopher) told him, that the alien can help him but he needed to get to the mothership first. Movie is filed with blood, violence, gore and some nasty stuff but I found it cool. Just watch the movie, reviews are great and I definitely recommend it.