Tuesday, November 11, 2008

* FHM November 2008 100th issue signing [day 1]

One of my most waited event every month is the FHM's autographn signing. I'm excited because I can take pictures, meet my friends, have my magazine signed and of course meet the cover girl/s. November is not an ordinary month for FHM because it is their 100th issue so they had 5 girls in the cover. I was planning to attend day [2] which is Sunday at Rob Place Manila because I'm planning to attend the UP AME (cosplay event at UP) on saturday but I dunno I just thought that I would just prioritize the FHM event (because Joyce So is there *crush)

I filed a swap for this day because I do have work during saturdays and I wanted to enjoy the event. I went with my gf and arrived around 5pm (I guess) Saw my friends Mark, Robin, Alex and more who is already in line for the signing. We decided to buy some drinks at Starbucks first while waiting in the line and also for the planner (I have 3 now and 15 more to go). Saw a lot of friends there Andrew, Arvin, Byron and more. Me and Alex decided to print some pictures in the ground floor before the event start and we are glad when we come back in the Movieworld area, the event just started so we are on time.

We prepared our magazines and also Toki (my cam). I noticed Precious (one of the cover girls) is not present anyways no sad feelings because I already met her during the radio tour. I was able to have my 2 FHM 100th issue signed and my old Joyce So FHM magazines.I also took alot of pictures (in my multiply).

There's alot of people who fall in line and alos people who are just watching the event and the girls while they sign the magazines. After having my magazine signed and having pictures with the ladies. We already left and took our dinner in the Robinson's Food court then went to Alabang and meet my college (DLSU) classmates.

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