Wednesday, January 28, 2009

* Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans

It's been a long time or I can say it's been several months since I watched a movie in a cinema theater. Me and my girlfriend decided to watch Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans. We watched it at Robinsons Galeria and ticket price is 180 bucks but I can say it's worth it. I've seen the previous Underworld movies which really amazed me, Vampires and Werewolves. Watched the movie at 7:40pm. No spoilers, I can say the movie was great, the effects and the story is good. The story is about the past, story about Sonja/SOnya and Lucian and where the vampire and wolves genes met. Movie is action packed and blood are everywhere so I think the movie should be rated R-13 or 18 maybe for some scenes as well. Well overall the movie was great and I gave it 8 out of 10 and I'm looking forward if there would be a sequel for this Underworld movie.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

* Starbucks Planner 2009

Finally I got my Starbucks 2009 planner, I can say getting the stickers is a little bit hard comapre to last year that they have a promo that they gave you two stickers for one drink. Last year I was able to get two planners, one for myself and one for my girlfriend and this year I only got one.

I started completing my card with stickers November of last year and I completed my stickers January this year. When I tried to exchange my card, Starbucks *almost all branches* has ran out of stock. This year they are offering three colors which are Black, Red and Blue and I wanted to get the black one. According to them they are going to have stocks January 16th so after my shift which is 7am I went to the nearest Starbucks and get my planner. Good thing about it is they gaved me a stub which is a complimentary stub since they ran out of stocks for a week I assumed.

* Basketball Injury Prone

It's been a 2 weeks since I played basketball because I've been busy hitting the gym than playing sports recently. Peeps from our portfolio scheduled a game and I've decided to play, so after my shift which is 7am I slept in the office then just woke up around 2pm because call time is 3pm at Starmall Alabang. Game went well and silly me, stole the ball and made dunk and got my pink finger injured and after the 1st game a guy accidentaly scratched my face and damn it hurts.

They say I'm really prone to injuries and scratches. Mostly if it's not an elbow in the ribs, elbow in the mouth, a knee injury, cramps and the worst injury that happened to me is an elbow in eyebrow area and damn blood is all over my face. Maybe because on the way I play and how I wanted to win desperately.

I don't know I just love playing and watching the game. Collecting basketball cards, watching the games live *local and international* and buying authentic jerseys and I found it really challenging. The endurance, stamina, mentality and the physicality of the game. Another thing is I met and got known from other places by playing basketball ^.^ Anyways this is not the last and maybe injuries would stop me someday if I really can't play anymore but not now.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

* Butas *Loophole* Premiere at UP Theatre

It was my 1st time at UP and my 1st time to attend and watch an Indie Film. I was just informed by a friend about this event and I wanted to meet Gwen Garci so I didn't hesitate to attend this one. The movie's title is Butas "Loophole" and it was the 1st Indie Film for 2009.

Cast: Allen Dizon, Gwen Garci, Marco Morales, Mercedes Cabral, Dodie Dizon. Dinky Tibon and Froilan Moreno.

Butas is about the elusiveness of truth in a crime of passion. It’s directed by Alejandro "Bong" Ramos.

A lot of people watched the movie and I can say the movie is good. After the premiere I ws able to meet the cast and Gwen Garci with her friend Viva Hotbabes Jennifer Lee.

Monday, January 12, 2009

* Playboy January 2009 Issue PressCon

It was my 1st time to attend a Playboy Press Conference and I was just invited by a friend. It was held in Cabalen West Ave and I can say it's my first time to go there haha. I was informed it would start by 11am and I arrived around 12nn and good thing the event hasn't started yet. Since it was my 1st time when I arrived my friend is not yet there so I was like out of place. Good thing after several minutes a friend Carl arrived. We are given food stubs for the buffet and free Playboy magazine which is the current issue. We ate while waiting for the presscon to start, after several minutes the presscon has started. The cover girl was introduced to us and her name was Saffi Karina. She was really nice, friendly, has the height and body of the model and mostly has the brains. Had a question and answer part after her introduction and autograph signing and picture taking afterwards.

* FHM January 2009 issue signing with Carlene Aguilar

It's 2009 and my streak with the monthly FHM signing should not stop haha, Got the copy of the January issue and I can say I liked it *as always, Alot of babes were featured in the issue like my friend Avi Siwa. A friend joke won as Joke of the Month as well.

Venue is still at Robinsons Galeria Movie World and I arrived around 5pm, ate at Sisig Hooray before going to the event. Meet the usual faces in the FHM events and mostly my friends. Event should start by 6pm and good thing it did, It was hosted by Sam YG of Boys Night Out for Magic 89.9 FM. Learned a new term which is Batman or "Batang Manyak" haha. I can say the line is kinda short and I'm happy bout the FHM staff because they are not strict. I was able to take photos inside, even though im done with my turn. Carlene is pretty eventhough she's already a mom I can say she is still hot and very nice. I left early because I still have work at 10pm.

* Apl de Ap of Black Eyed Peas invades Club Ascend

It was 2009 now and I'm browsing facebook and saw that I was invited to attend the Apl de Ap event at Ascend. So I asked my friends if they want to go out but the thing is they have some things to do and work. So I asked my gf if she can come with me at Ascend and she said yes. It was a Saturday and I do have work at 10pm, I don't want to miss the event so I said I would just go on half day. A friend Andrew texted me that he would also be at Ascend so we meet him at Starbucks Bonifacio High, finally my stickers are complete :D anyways moving forward, We went to Ascend around 10:30pm because guest list is only valid till 11pm.

Ascend is not yet crowded and before 12am the crowd starts to arrive. Saw some friends and familiar faces in the party. Event started around 12:30am and I was able to take photos of DJ Mia Guzman and Apl De Ap. Crowd is going crazy and the music is great. Too bad I wasn't able to finish the event because I have work at 3am. But in a way I can say I enjoyed it and my 1st event for the year.

* New Hair Style for New Year

I can say it's been almost a year since my last haircut and since it was another year I've decided to shortened my hair for a little. So on December 31 *last day of 2008 I've decided to visit the Tony and Jackey Salon which is a Korean Salon *Festival Mall branch and had my hair shortened. I've decided to have it shortened because first I was really having a hard time having a long hair and next is my future cosplay plans for 2009 *wink

Anyways had to look into the photo album full of Koreanovela stars to select my desired haircut and what I select was the usuall Hua Zhe Lei/Vic Zhou style haha XD Had a hard time communicating with the hairstylist because he was Korean and cannot understand english that much but he was really nice and Im satisfied with his work. Above by the way is my before and after pic haha...Happy New Year ^.^

* Pre-Christmas Cosplay Shoot | 12.23.08

It was my off and I was invited by my friend Kate to join a cosplay shoot in QC Circle, I was so excited because it's my 1st cosplay shoot. I'm not familiar with the location but I managed to find it. I arrived late around 3:30pm because of the traffic and I'm hesitating at 1st because it's raining every now and then during that day. So when I arrived I saw the cosplayers and there is only 2 photographers Gian and Alexiel. My 1st shoot was with Bou as Lacus Clyne * below are the photos

for more photos:

Here's the next one Kate * as Yuna the Gunner

for more photos:

and I had other set like Neji, Sasuke, Sir Guy, Amane Misa and L. The shoot went well and shoot ended around 6:30pm.

For more photos just visit my multiply site htt://

Friday, January 9, 2009

* FHM December 2008 Issue Signing

Finally the final FHM signing for FHM Philippines, I'm so excited cause finally I've completed and attended all the signing for every month. I've met every cover girl and had my magazines signed. Met alot of friends during the FHM event.

Mariel Rodriguez is the December cover girl, she was really nice and very makulit. She's thanks everyone and is very nice to her fans. She's really approachable and smiles in every time we took a photo of her. I can say I left early because Is till have work during this day but I was glad that I've completed my 2008 FHM collection.

For more photos:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

* Maxim 2009 Calendar Party

It's been a while since we heard something from Maxim, last event that I attended is I gues the party for Roxanne Guinoo at White Ave Bar in Timog. Suddenly I was shocked that they would have this party and yeah the good move for them to end the year with a blast.

Invites is needed to attend this party and good thing I got three, I gaved it to my friends Alex and Mark. It was really a good thing cause I'm on leave during the week and I went to ABS CBN to get my tickets and meet my friends in Glorietta. Arrived around 9pm and party has started already, wasn't able to get in because of the jam packed crowed in Warehouse 135 in Yakal St. Makati

So after several minutes we got in and damn it was jam packed. Mocha is already performing and there's alot of peeps and photographers. The event was hosted by Malaya and Phoem Baranda. Cover Girl for December Cristine "Eva Fonda" Reyes was there for a meet and greet, the Pinoy Fear Factor Girls and the Ran Online Calendar Girls.

Music is also great and alot of personalities. Left around 1am and grab a bite at KFC then went home. Happy to have my December issue signed by Cristine and by the Pinoy Fear Factor Girls.

For more photos visit my site:

Friday, January 2, 2009

* X-Mas Toycon and Cosplay Event

It was really a good idea that they organized another Toycon since X-mas is several days away and at the same time include a cosplay fashion walk for the event. Me and my friend Mark went to SM Megamall to attend the event at the same time check the toys and take photos of the cosplayers.

We arrived around 3pm and took photos of the cosplayers right away, meet new and old friends in the event. I can say there's a lot of cosplayers and it reminds me of Cosplaymania08. Meet our friend Jervin in the convention too bad he wasn't able to charge his battery for his DSLR.

About the Toy Convention, entrance fee is 30php but few booths compare to the previous cons. I was able to buy my Gekiranger toys which is on 50% off.

I still have work at 10pm so me and my friends just ate first at the foodcourt then I went straight to work afterwards.

More Photos:

Thursday, January 1, 2009

* Moonstar88 at Converse Sale in SM Megamall

I went to SM Megamall to attend the X-Mas Toycon of course to check some toys and take photos of the cosplay event. Me and my friend Mark decided to leave our things in the baggage counter on the supermarket area and when we are about to go down the escalator I suddenly heard the sing Migraine which is one of my favorite Moonstar88 hits so we went inside SM Megatrade Hall 3 where Converse is on Sale and saw my favorite band and also close friends Moonstar88. So I took photos while they are playing and also saw some of my Moonstarero friends who are also there to watch.

Anyways for more photos here's the link: