Wednesday, November 19, 2008

* Mossimo 10th year Anniversary at Ascend

(continuation of my Up Dharma Down blog *still the same day 11/14/2008)

after Podium I went to Glorietta to meet my friend Alex who is waiting for me there. When I arrived I ate at Burger King because I was really hungry. I thought my friend Wavs would join as but he's not replying so me and Alex went to ascend after finishing my food at Burgre King. We arrived around 10 pm and damn the club is jam packed.

The event was for Mossimo's 10th anniversary and it's an exclusive party and we are lucky to go in. Alot of photographers and people are there to watch the fashion show. Saw alot of personalities like Kiko from Survivor, Jacq Yu, Nyoy Volante, Keana Reeves and the models (Joyce So, Cherry Ann, Gail Nicolas, Ornussa Cadness and more)

Had a hard time taking photos of the said event because there's alot of people who is already in front and because of the smoke effect. After the event me and my friend was able to go to the model's area and had the oppurtunity for picture taking and autograph signing. Had my Toys magazine (Joyce So) and FHM Lingerie signed by Joyce So. We also met Gabi dela Merced at the said event. Saw Avi Siwa and had us come in the Skype VIP room to take pictures.

Went home early because my friend Robin is going to Antipolo and Alex needs to go home as well. Till next party..see you!

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