Wednesday, June 24, 2009

* For Bro. Ceci

May you rest in peace Bro. Ceci, we will be missing you during the DLSU games and your stories. I'm really glad that I met someone like you, a true La Sallian by heart and soul. Animo La Salle. We will definitely going to miss you. Thanks for everything!

I can still recall this photo. This photo is the 1st time I watched the Shakeys V-League games live and started taking photos of the game. The game against DLSU and UST and also the 1st time I met Bro Ceci also taking photos of the game. I called this photo "Bro Ceci in Action"

Sunday, June 14, 2009

* Toycon 2009 06.13.09

The leave that I filed around mid May for this day was disapproved, so I have no choice but to go to work at night. After Friday shift I checked my salary and because of my late's and voluntary time off, I got a low salary and it was Toycon 2009 meaning I needed to do some toy shopping.

I woke up around 11:45am, prepare then meet my bebe at Jolibee Pacita, we went to SM Megamall to attend Toycon 2009. Saw some new and old faces mostly photographers and cosplayers. Most peeps has face/gas mask as well because of the H1N1 virus. We arrived around 2:30pm at Megamall, meet up with a fellow PTK (Pino Toy Kolektor) member and get my sentai toys that I bought from him then went to Megatrade Hall then bought tickets cost 100php for the Toycon event. There's alot of peeps inside and it was so hot. We went to Maxi Collector and meet some friends there. I was able to take photos og cosplayers inside and outside Megatrade hall. Saw my friends Mark, Jade, Ralph, Miguel, Alex and Jervin in the event who are also taking photos and checking out the toys. There is also a cosplay competition that's why there's a lot of people inside the Megatrade Hall. Saw my officemate Wavs and my Neighbor Nico because they displayed their toys (exhibit). I was able to buy DVD's as well from CS Centrl. We just stroll around most of the time and around 6:30pm we decided to left the Toycon event and eat at the Food court. We ate at Oku and bought tempura and beef teriyaki.

We just slept in the bus because we are so tired, I went straight to work and my bebe went home. I was so sleepy at work haha as expected.

* Saguijo 5th Anniversary 05.30.09

After Leslie's Tagaytay me and some of my teamates including our Boss went to Makati to attend the Saguijo. I think we are only 5 in attendance. We arrived around 10:30pm and Out of Body Special is already done with their set. We are able to watch Paramita, Razorback, Milagros Dancehall Collective, Angulo and up Dharma Down. It was so hot and the place is jam packed and I was able to take few photos that you can check on the link below in my multiply site. Got home around 4am na and it's already a Sunday =)

* 1st Quarter Team Building at Leslies Tagaytay 05.30.09

It's the Team's 1st Quarter team building for 2009, We decided to had a team dinner at Leslie's Tagaytay. We meet at our office, meeting time is 3 pm and we left around 6pm *it was already late. They ordered alot of food and I was so full. We took alot of photos afte having dinner, weather is not cooperating during that day because it rains every now and then. After dinner me and some of my teamates decided to go to Saguijo to attend the bars 5th anniversary.

For photos, click on the link below

* Urbandub at Alabang Town Center 05.31.09

The last time we went to Alabang Town Center, we saw the banner that Urbandub will be performing again in there for the 4th time. I was able to watch the 1st and 2nd time but I missed the 3rd one. Donna went to our house around 1pm. We don't have any plans for that day but to hang out but I wanted to watch Urbandub and go out but the rain is really hard. We left the house around 4:30pm and went to ATC. The venue of the Urbandub mini concert was moved inside because of the rain outside. I have work at night and I decided to skip work and called in to be sick. The mini concert started around 7pm and The Ambassadors played first then followed by Urbandub. They sang alot of songs including Sailing, Gone, Fight is Over and more. I was able to take good shots as well.

After the Urbandub gig we decided to eat at Mexicalis and damn I was so full, it was our 2nd time to ate at Mexicalis and the 1st one was January 2009 at Greenbelt. After dinner we bought tickets for Terminator Salvation, I'm not a Terminator fan but I can say I liked the movie. Movie ended around 12:30am and good thing the rain has stop and we decided to go home and rest.

For photos, click on the link below

* FHM June 2009 Signing with RR Enriquez

It's start of the month and of course a new FHM autograph signing again, I was really excited because the cover girl is RR Enriquez and it would be my first time to meet her in the flesh. I missed the first one during her Maxim Event at Dolce (I have work). The fhm event was held at Robinson's Galeria as always. I arrived around 5:30pm and it was really really traffic because of the skyway 2 construction and at the same time it was raining every once in a while. It was fun to meet new and old friends in the event. Finally RR arrived and she was really nice and pretty. She signed my FHM copy and said thank you. I said sorry to her for not be able to attend her Maxim event before and she said "whyy naman?" I told her I have work kasi.

For photos, click on the link below:

* Deathnote Photoshoot

It's been a while since I attended a cosplay photoshoot or even a fashion shoot. I saw my friend's multiply site that they are having detahnote cosplay shoot and I asked if I could join them. Luckily they included me as one of the photographers for the said shoot. Our location is at UP Diliman at QC, it was my 1st time to be there. I arrived in the place around 1pm and good thing they haven't started yet. Saw familiar faces (cosplayers and photographers) and also new ones. Our Deathnote characters are mostly complete (Light, L, M, N, Misa, The death Gods and more) We started around 2pm already and we ended around 7pm and it was raining. I still have work at night so I hurried and I was late for an hour. Our workforce analyst offered VTO's (Voluntary time off) around 12:30am and I volunteered. I had fun with the shoot and expecting for the part two.
for complete photos, below is the link: