Tuesday, November 11, 2008

* Joyce So at last

After a long wait a dream has finally come true. It's a simple one but for me it's really a big and that's meeting my crush Joyce So =) I saw her first in the TV (Bora) and her pictures in the magazines.

I can say I'm a big fan of chinita girls and when I saw Joyce So I really find her pretty and of course sexy. Then one time early this year around May I was informed by my friends that Joyce So will be guesting the HSN (Hot Summer Nights) car show at SM Mall of Asia parking lot, so I brought my Joyce So FHM's and went to the venue. Saw my friends (Robin, Mark, Drew, Chi and more).

We saw that Joyce So would be with Gail Nicolas and Cherry Ann Kubota in the particular event. I actually called-in that day in the office to tell that I'm sick but actually I'm not for the sake of the event. We spoked with the FHM peeps and they told us that unfortunately Joyce So can't make it and MC Quiazon would replace her. Awwwchh it really sucks big time because I was really damn excited to meet her. We just enjoyed the car show event and also glad in a way to meet Cherry Ann and Gail for the first time on that event.

After several months I saw the November issue of FHM and saw Joyce So in the cover so I thought that this would be the time that I should see her in person. Me and my friends planned to attend the Radio Tour (we can't wait before the signing) same thing I bought my Joyce So stuff and when we arrived the booth, Joyce So and Jacq Yu is now with them only Precious, Gail and Cherry Ann. Damn again for the second tme I felt bad again but I just thought that I shouldn't feel bad because she's going to be in the FHM signing on the weekends.

Weekends came (saturday) and I was planning to attend the UP AME (cosplay) and will just attend the FHM signing part 2 at Rob Place on Sunday but I know Joyce would be there so I just cancelled UP AME and just attended the FHM event. It's the first time I saw her and I can san it's worth the waiting hehe she was really pretty and very nice. Took photos of her, had my magazine signed and had a picture with her. Hope to see her in the future. It was a dream come true for me =)

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Chi Rivera said...

VICTORY! hahaha lolz