Monday, November 3, 2008

* 1st Sunday of November

Woke up 1:30pm because we do have a basketball game against Genpact-Wachovia at Starmall Alabang. I prepared my things and went right away to the location and good thing there i not traffic.

Met my girlfriend who is going to watch our game and also to cheer me :) It was a close game eventhough the team is not complete compared to the opposing team and damn most of them are big guys. We lost the game by 6 points, we wasn't able to break the full court press. Felt bad because I wasn't given enough playing time and I just asked myself "Is it because I'm just new in the team?" anyways now I'm having second thoughts if I would play in our next game or not. The thing is I love the game of basketball so eventhough I can only play for limited minutes that would be enough for me.

After the game me and my girlfriend went to Festival Mall, we strolled around and ate our dinner at Pizza Hut. I was really tired because I still have work at 10pm so after dinner we just strolled around *again* and rest in the cinema lobby then I decided to go to the office to take a 1 hour nap before attending my shift.

On the start of my shift I'm still okay and energized but after several hours I felt sleepy and waited for 7am to come so I can go home right away. It was a long night for me but gald I still managed to survive. I'm also excited because after my shift is already my restday (Monday)

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