Thursday, December 4, 2008

* GDAP 2008 Cosplay Event at Crowne Plaza

It was just mentioned to me by a friend whom I met in a cosplay event so I checked and saw that there's going to be an event on December 3 and since it was a Wednesday it only means I'm free because it's my restday. So I informed the event to my friends who would be intersted on it. I bought toki (my cam) and met my friend in the bus station and we went to Robinsons Galeria. We arrived early around 4:30pm I think.
The event would start 6pm so we stroll around and grab a quick snack because I am really starving. We ate at Sisig Hooray ^^ then meet one of our friend Jade their. We went to the venue at the Ballroom area of Crowne Plaza. Saw familiar faces cosplayers and photographers. Met some old friends and met some new ones. I took photos of the cosplayers. Neo Taku band also peformed and I can say I was impress with their family computer and supe mario jam. I'm in front of the stage so I have a good position in taking photos. Almost 30 cosplayers have joined and there are 3 winners (Best Female) is Tza (Best Male) is the guy in the red robot costume and the (Grand Winner) is the 7 ft tall cosplayer haha he's really big and also the cool smoke effects.

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