Wednesday, November 5, 2008

* Shakey's V-League Live

A friend of mine Josh Tadena from Adamson whom I met at the 89.9 Magic station last year who also covers the games for Adamson (Volleyball) informed me if I'm interested in watching the games so I agreed because it is also an oppurtunity to take pictures.

We decided to meet at SM Manila because I don't know how to go to "The Arena Stadium" I woke up 9:30am and our meeting time is before 12 noon in SM Manila so I quickly prepared my stuff and of course Toki (my cam) then went to the meeting place.

I arrived 12:15pm and good thing I make it to the meeting place first before they do. I bought the courtside tickets so I can take pictures of the game and of course to take pictures of the players.

The games for the day are the ff.
1st game : Ateneo vs Adamson *Adamson Won

2nd game: DLSU vs UST *UST Won
3rd game: FEU vs Lyceum * *Lyceum Won

It was my 1st time to watch Shakey V-League live and I can say I enjoyed it. I thought Volleyball was not exciting to watch but I'm wrong.

I took some photos of DLSU players like Manila Santos, ADMU's Charo Soriano, UST's Denise Tan and FEU's Rachel Daquis.
I'm now planning to buy a better lens so I can get better pictures in the future. I said to myself I would start watching the V-League because it's really nice watching the games and take note the ticket (courtside) cost only 100 bucks.

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