Wednesday, December 31, 2008

* Black and Bling | GE X-Mas Party

It's my 1st X-Mas party for my current company which is GE Money Servicing (Alabang). It was held in a Sunday which I have work at 10pm. I'm excited at the same time not because of the annual fashion catwalk for the party which I myself is one of the participants. I did not volunteer to join but my team picked me during my off to represent our team wah. There are two in each team, one girl and guy. Anyways they made and designed the outfit for me and my partner. To be honest I don't have any modeling experience and this is my 1st time and it was really really scary. Yes I do attend modeling events but I don't have any idea on how to do the walk and pose. Sunday came and I went to the office to ride the shuttle from our office to Hillsborough (location of the party) The party's theme is Black and Bling so I wear blackk on that day. Bought Toki (my cam) and took photos of my teamates and my friends. Food is ok but I wasn't able to eat alot because Model (as they call) must be in the backstage on a given time and must prepare. Wasn't able to drink beer as well because of that. Battle of the bands first before the catwalk. Our account's band played a song by Mr. Big where my Supervisor is the bassist. After the battle of the bands, the moment came and we must now walk in front of the people. Damn I was so shy but just look straight and did not ignore the people screaming, taking photos and more. Unfortunately I didn't win as expected by my partner won *Yey

After tha catwalk I went straight to the office and logged in. I was 35 mins late haha thank God they did not gave me warning for that.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

* KC and The Sunshines Team Building

Day 1:
It's our 3rd team building for the year, we won as the best team for November for our account so we have extra funds to use for our team bulding. The team have decided to spent it in La Iya, Batangas. I'm on leave during the week and we met in the office 8am. I was so hungry that's why I ate in Mc Donald's forst with my friend Rio then meet my teamates in fron of our office building. There are 3 vehicles Fry, Robert and a rented van. I rode with Fry and her wife Nova. It's been a long drive from Alabang to La Iya, Batangas. I think it took us 3-4 hours. We arrived around 12-1 already. Place is ok, it looks calm but the thing is the weather is not that cool. It was raining every now and then so it was so damn cold. Anyways we started taking photos and the others prepares the food, some slept because some still has no sleep from their shift. Food was really good and we all ate together just like one family and after that we walk and explore the place and I took photos. After hanging out in the beach I decided to take a nap and woke up around dinner time and glad dinner is already ready. After eating we had our group activity and discussion about business and personal matters. It was really sad because some of the our teamates has to leave because of some issues. We end up drinking and watching the Pacquiao-Dela Hoya Pre Fight show in GMA 7 and slept around 3am.

Day 2:

We woke up around 8am and ate breakfast then went to the beach. To be honest I didn't swim in the beach because it was so cold and then again took photos. It's still raining in the morning. Around 10am we decided to fixed our things and decided to leave. Hoping to watch the Pacman fight. It was faster on our way home and it was so quiet in the road because of the Pacman fight. I got in Laguna around 12:30pm.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

* Yohan Contawe's 1st birthday

It was my inaanak's 1st birthday and since I wasn't able to make it during his Christening I think it's not really nice if I am going to miss his 1st birthday. I was invited by Jeff and her wife way several months ago for this one so I already filed a leave for this day. The venue was in Casimiro Village Clubhouse, I thought our friends from ADEC would come but I am the only one who was there. It was a cosplay like party because kids are in their super hero costumes. My inaanak is in his Superman Costume. Food was also great and the clown show was really funny because it's been a while since I've attended a kid's party. I was able to take photos during the party and mostly are kids. Happy Birthday Yohan.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

* GDAP 2008 Cosplay Event at Crowne Plaza

It was just mentioned to me by a friend whom I met in a cosplay event so I checked and saw that there's going to be an event on December 3 and since it was a Wednesday it only means I'm free because it's my restday. So I informed the event to my friends who would be intersted on it. I bought toki (my cam) and met my friend in the bus station and we went to Robinsons Galeria. We arrived early around 4:30pm I think.
The event would start 6pm so we stroll around and grab a quick snack because I am really starving. We ate at Sisig Hooray ^^ then meet one of our friend Jade their. We went to the venue at the Ballroom area of Crowne Plaza. Saw familiar faces cosplayers and photographers. Met some old friends and met some new ones. I took photos of the cosplayers. Neo Taku band also peformed and I can say I was impress with their family computer and supe mario jam. I'm in front of the stage so I have a good position in taking photos. Almost 30 cosplayers have joined and there are 3 winners (Best Female) is Tza (Best Male) is the guy in the red robot costume and the (Grand Winner) is the 7 ft tall cosplayer haha he's really big and also the cool smoke effects.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

* Hataw Hanep Hero 2008

It was my first time to attend a Hero Con and it was held at Tiendesita Silver City Pasig. I invited my friends from CCC (Cavite Camera Club) Jervin and Miguel and we met at Robinson Galeria coz they don't know how to get there. We arrived around 2pm at the venue and bought tickets worth 100 bucks. A lot of people already outside the venue (mostly cosplayers). So we went in and get our cameras and started to make photos. There's alot of cosplayers, most of them are familiar faces and we met and saw during the previous scosplay events. Saw Tin and Ishi the cosplayers that we met at Cosplay Mania 2008 at Megamall and I can say they are an attention grabber, they cosplayed Shion of Haragushi as Mion and Shion. Met alot of cosplay friends that I met at multiply like Vampire Prince, Ian (from plurk), Zell (plurk) and more. While strolling around I saw my friend Doc Albert (worldofalbert) and Mark (markpogi). So we stroll around and took photos of cosplayers, I can say there's alot of cosplayers. I saw Shin Chan, Tifa, RInoa, Lenne, Chucky, Masked Rider Kiva, Super Boink and more. There's also booth's in the events (gaming, toys, cosplay and more). Alot of kids in attendance who really enjoyed the event specially Anime fans with their family. Too bad I have to left early because I still have work at 10pm and I wasn't able to watched Sugar Free perform :(

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