Monday, November 10, 2008

* MYMO Concert

After the FHM radio tour my friends texted me if I would watch MYXMO because Moonstar88 (band) would perform, so I said "why not?" since it's been a while since I watched them play. I went to SM Mall of Asia without any ticket I was, they said I needed to get one for me to go inside. My friend Kawen told me to look for a MYX Magazine (which I did) and damn it was sold out in every magazine stand nd bookstore in MOA. I was feeling hopeless but I still went to the entrance of the backstage of the concert and texted Bhert (Guitarist of Moonstar88), I was there for 15 mins I think because the band has an interview and it was raining. Good thing they gaved me an "Artist Pass" so I was able to go inside (I was so happy). All of the bands and music artist are there, name it Rico Blanco, Bamboo, Pupil, Parokya ni Edgar, Gary V and more.

There is a tent where after every artist is done performing they would be interviewed in that tent so I stayed there and took pictures of every artist (I came late so I missed Bamboo and more) I took alot of pictures and met alot of artist that includes Urbandub, Hale, Mobstars, Kitty Girls, Kamikazee, Hilera, Sponge Cola, Billy Joe Crawford, Gary V, Typecast, Parokya and more.

Despite of the rain I was able to stroll around the backstage and take pictures. Free booze are on two tents damn I keep on coming back.

I was able to go the stage as well to watch the performing artist behind the stage and also to take pictures. Met the MYX VJ's as well like Iya and Nikki Gil.

It was really an experience because all of the artist are there and what more I can say. The crowd watching is almost 80k in attendance. I had fun through out the show but had a hard time going home because there's alot of people.

Watch out for the pictures in my multiply *to be posted soon!

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