Tuesday, February 17, 2009

* Valkyrie

I'm seeing the trailer of this movie way back and finally it is now showing in the local cinemas. The movie is about World War II, I can say I'm not usually into war films but I liked this one. A true to life story of Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg portrayed by Tom Cruise who was the mastermind behind the elaborate plot known as Project Valkyrie: a plan to assassinate Hitler and overthrow his government from the inside. The story shows how he planned everything and how he decided to kill Hitler himself. He joined the resistance movement and believes that they can change Germany without Hitler. No spoilers but the movie was really good, Two thumbs up for me.

* Valentines Day 2009 at SM Mall of Asia

I don't have a plan in mind because I thought my leave for this year's Valentine's day is not going to be approved. We are planning to attend the Hot Air Balloon Festival at Pampanga but we have work on the night of February 13 so if we are going to push the balloon festival we are going to be restless lolz. So Manila Ocean Park is also one of the plans but the thing is I woke up 3pm already so we are not going to enjoy the park for several hours and our concern is also the number of peeps who are going to be there. So we ended up at SM Mall of Asia to watch a movie and to eat at a nice resto. We watched Valkyrie of Tom Cruise and stroll around. Bought a balloon in a dog shape..very cute and we called him chuchu hehe, failed to watched the fireworks because we are buying tickets during that time.

We had a hard time finding a resto because all of the resto are jam packed so we ended up at Country Style and I bought a sandwich at Subway. SM Mall of Asia was jam packed because of the Lovapalooza annual event and also the Valentine's concert by Bamboo, Rico Blanco and Sponge Cola. Day went well for me and my girlfriend. Enjoyed this day super.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

* 7 Pounds - Will Smith

It was our monthsary and me and my girlfriend decided to watch a movie on this day. We went to Alabang Town Center hoping that Valkyrie*Tom Cruise* is already showing too bad it's not so we just strolled around ATC and ate at Burger King. We decided to transfer to festival mall but still Valkyrie is not yet available so we chose 7 Pounds by Will Smith. I can't figure out the story at first and it's kinda boring but damn it was a really really good movie, same thing with Pursuit of Happyness. Movie was very emotional and dramatic and damn it almost made me cry. No spoilers but the movie was about a man changing peoples lives. Two thumbs up ^.^

* UAAP 71 Women's Volleyball DLSU vs ADMU 2nd Round

When: February 08, 2009
Where: Arena Gym, San Juan

Second Sunday for the month and I've decided to watch a game again of Ateneo. Before the game starts I was able to have the photo that I took from the previous game signed by the team.

I'm with my friend Ralph on this day and he just got a Nikon d40 and it's his first time to shoot a volleyball game. Match was really exciting and it was so close. 5 sets and DLSU won. Eventhough Ateneo lost their effort really showed up on this game.

For more photos: http://reachard.multiply.com/photos/album/181/_UAAP_71_Womens_Volleyball_2nd_Round_ADMU_vs_DLSU_II_02.08.09

* UAAP 71 Women's Volleyball UST vs ADMU

When: 02.01.09

1st Sunday of the month and we decided to watch the game of Ateneo against UST for the 2nd round of UAAP Women's Volleyball at Arena Gym in San Juan. I'm with my girlfriend and it's her first time to watch a UAAP Volleyball game. We are with Ralph, a guy I met at plurk who is also a volleyball fan. I took photos during the game, Game is really nice abut too bad Ateneo lost 3 sets to 1.

For more photos: http://reachard.multiply.com/photos/album/179/_UAAP_71_Womens_Volleyball_2nd_Round_ADMU_vs_UST_II_02.01.09

* Moonstar88 @ 19East Bar and Grill

Ever since I'm really wanted to go to 19East because I saw that the performers in the bar are all known and famous when it comes to thier music..Name it Mojofly, Freestyle and more. I'm always checking the moonstar88 multiply site for the bands gig and I saw they will play at 19east and the good thing is it's my restday. Together with mayonaise, itchy worms and two other bands Moonstar will play there. So me and my girlfriend decided to meet at Festival Mall Alabang to grab a bite then went to 19East. Place is really nice, free Wifi and ambience is good. We arrived early and decided to watch a movie in my Ipod to kill time.

Around 10pm we decided to go inside the music hall. Entrance is 150php which is not bad. We watched all the bands except for itchy worms because it's already late, I think it's around 2am already and we decided to go home. Glad to see my favorite band play again and I managed to take photos of them.

For more photos: http://reachard.multiply.com/photos/album/180/_Moonstar88_at_19East_Bar_and_Grill_

Monday, February 2, 2009

* Tekken cosplay shoot at Rainforest Park Pasig

I was just invited to join the shoot by a fellow cosplay photographer Zell. It was a Saturday and call time was 10am at Gateway cinema area, so after my friday night shift I slept right away to get some sleep and set my alarm at 9:30am and the thing is I woke up 10:30am so I hurried to gateway mall. Glad they waited for me and there are some coslayers and photographers who are also late. I grab a bite at KFC first and then wait for the others, we take a cab and went to Rainforest Park in Pasig and it was my 1st time there, got lost because taxi driver don't know the place. When we arrived there we wasn't able start right away because according to the park's management we still need to get a permit and so Zell and Gian went to the city hall to get a permit for us to start the photoshoot.

Around 4pm we already started *at last, damn there's alot of people watching us and a lot of kids as well. Rainforest Park is really a nice place and it's a place to visit, too bad is far though. Shoot ended around 6:30pm and it's already dark and I still have work at 10pm.

For more photos check my multiply site: http://reachard.multiply.com

* Greenhills date

It's been a while since we visited Greenhills shopping mall, since it's payday me and my girlfriend decided to shop there. Saw alot of interesting stuff, board shorts, jackets, shirts and more. My girlfriend bought a dress and a jacket while me I bought a sentai gashapon at Greattoys. We also watch the PLDT MyDSL drift event at the Promenade parking lot and saw Diana and the EB Babes there.

After the shopping and strolling we decided to eat at Mexicali's and I can say the food was great. Too bad we have to leave early because I still have work at night and hopefully I would get a weekend off this March.