Sunday, March 8, 2009

* Tang Teazer's Bloggers Event at Fully Booked

My 2nd event for the day. After Playboy I went to Greenhills to get my toys at Wasabitoys then to Cash and carry to buy Gym supplements :)
I was just invited by a fellow blogger during the Playboy Presscon that there will be a blogger's event at Fully booked with Andi9 and Ketchup. So after cash and carry I went to Bonifacio High Street and went to Fully booked, friends and fellow bloggers are their. Saw Mr. RJ Ledesma and no Andi 9 was there but Lia Cruz was the host.

Event was about the Tang (Juice) newest product and also their new contest and how to kill boredom and how to experiment with different things. Some videos was also showed to us from two schools (San Sebastian and UP). Dinner was also free and had some Tang give aways after the event.

* Playboy March 2009 Presscon

After my Monday shift I slept in the office for a couple of hours and then went to Sulo Hotel at Quezon City to attend the March 2009 Playboy issue Presscon. This is my second time to attend a Playboy presscon and just like before magazine and food is free. Selected peeps and mostly media are invited to attend these kind of events and I'm glad to be invited.

Playmate of the month Jessie Medina and March covergirl Sara Polverini was there to answer questions from readers and the press, sign our copies and had a photo with them. Some friends and fellow bloggers are also there (Az, Sire, Carl and more).

Got excited because according to the current EIC that they have alot of plans and parties store for the readers and fans for 2009. Let's just see and wait for it :)

* TAGCOM [day 2] March 01, 2009

March 1, 2009 and another cosplay and toy event to attend called tagcom at Robinson's Place Manila. I passed watching the Game 1 of the Uaap season 71 Women's Volleyball finals.

I arrived around 1pm and there's alot of people who attended the event that includes the cosplayers, shoppers, photographers and more. I was able to buy the Go-Onger Set at wasabi toys with 50% discount so I got the 5 figures for 1k, also got a Dekabreak 12 inches figure for 300 bucks only and lastly I bought two sentai DVD at CSCentrl (Star Ranger/Go Ranger the movie and Time Ranger DVD 1). i also took photos of the cosplayers. I'm happy to see and meet my photography and cosplayer friends in the event and also to take photos of them. Alodia was also one of the judge in the cosplay competion and she had a meet and greet event at Maxcollector booth. Glad to meet her again and her sister Ashley, happy to have my E-Games calendar signed as well.

I left around 9:00pm already because I still have work at 10pm.

* UNO Calendar Party "Eargasm"

It's been a while since UNO Magazine had an event nor a party and finally with a new editor in chief RJ Ledesma and with Dylan as the latest UNO cover girl, now I can say there is a reason to celebrate and party. Party was called Eargasm because 3 bands played during the party that includes Duster.

Party was held at Capones Makati, good thing I was able to find a swap (schedule) and I don't have work on this day. Party was sponsored by Ginebra and it's open bar. A lot of celebrities are present Geneva Cruz, Kitty girls, Dylan, Bea many too mention just check my multiply site (

The next cover girl Grace lee from Good Times With Mo is also there. After the party me and my friends went to Shakey's to grab a bite.

* Dekada - Moonstar88 10th Anniversary

They started 1999 and until now peeps (including me) still loves and listens to their hits like Torete, Sulat, Bata, Sa Langit and more. I'm referring to Moonstar88.

I can say after hearing their songs way back then (high school I think) I suddenly became a fan of Acel, Popo, Bhert and Pao with their Popcorn album then followed by another good album Press to Play where I joined the band's mailing list, started to attend their gigs and meeting new friends (Moonstareros). A lot of things happened and changed, including the change with the drummer from Popo to Bon and change of vocals from Acel to Maysh. Then the 3rd album came "Todo Combo" which is also a hit with the songs Can't Stop, Panalanging, Tadhana and the band's favorite song and so am I "Migraine". Bhert (guitars) already mentioned to me around November that they are planning for an anniversary gig and it was held at 70's Bistro last February 23, 2009. The gig was called Dekada, the previous members are their Acel, Popo and Ten and they performed the hits and favorites (Torete, Bata, Fall on me and more). Gish performed (popo's band) and Acel's band. Moonstarero's old and new one's are present and some personalities like Jay of Kamikazee, Buhawi of PNE and more.

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