Wednesday, December 31, 2008

* Black and Bling | GE X-Mas Party

It's my 1st X-Mas party for my current company which is GE Money Servicing (Alabang). It was held in a Sunday which I have work at 10pm. I'm excited at the same time not because of the annual fashion catwalk for the party which I myself is one of the participants. I did not volunteer to join but my team picked me during my off to represent our team wah. There are two in each team, one girl and guy. Anyways they made and designed the outfit for me and my partner. To be honest I don't have any modeling experience and this is my 1st time and it was really really scary. Yes I do attend modeling events but I don't have any idea on how to do the walk and pose. Sunday came and I went to the office to ride the shuttle from our office to Hillsborough (location of the party) The party's theme is Black and Bling so I wear blackk on that day. Bought Toki (my cam) and took photos of my teamates and my friends. Food is ok but I wasn't able to eat alot because Model (as they call) must be in the backstage on a given time and must prepare. Wasn't able to drink beer as well because of that. Battle of the bands first before the catwalk. Our account's band played a song by Mr. Big where my Supervisor is the bassist. After the battle of the bands, the moment came and we must now walk in front of the people. Damn I was so shy but just look straight and did not ignore the people screaming, taking photos and more. Unfortunately I didn't win as expected by my partner won *Yey

After tha catwalk I went straight to the office and logged in. I was 35 mins late haha thank God they did not gave me warning for that.

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