Thursday, November 20, 2008

* Saturday like it used to be

I was on leave from November 12 - 15 so after all of my misadventures and gimiks from wednesday to friday here comes Saturday. I was really excited because this day is for me and my girlfriend. It's been a while since we've been together in a Saturday just like it used to be with the previous years because usually saturday is my off but since I transferred to Alabang I was stucked in my Tue-Wed off =(

So there I woke up 1pm because of the gimik at ascend (Mossimo blog) on the previous night. My girlfriend went to our house around 2pm and we stayed their until 6pm and we decided to go to Alabang Town Center to have our dinner and watch a movie. We arrived 6:45pm and I bring Toki (my cam) with me because I recall that Urbandub will be playing. So before we ate dinner we watched Urbandub first. Nyctinasty played first before Urbandub and damn it was really crazy, I can say I really do enjoy watching them play. I took some photos of their gig.

After Urbandub we ate at Shakeys and then stroll around ATC and bought tickets for the last full show for Madagascar 2. We stayed at Powerbooks for a while and read some books and then when it's around 9:30 we went to the Cinema lobby and then decided to enter the cinema room and watch. Madagascar 2 was really a good and funny movie, I admit that I'm not a fan of cartoons or kiddie movies but I can say I like this movie. Movie ended around 12mn and then we decided to go home and take a rest. I'll miss this Saturday and hope me and my girlfriend can have more time this coming 2009 xoxo

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