Monday, January 12, 2009

* Playboy January 2009 Issue PressCon

It was my 1st time to attend a Playboy Press Conference and I was just invited by a friend. It was held in Cabalen West Ave and I can say it's my first time to go there haha. I was informed it would start by 11am and I arrived around 12nn and good thing the event hasn't started yet. Since it was my 1st time when I arrived my friend is not yet there so I was like out of place. Good thing after several minutes a friend Carl arrived. We are given food stubs for the buffet and free Playboy magazine which is the current issue. We ate while waiting for the presscon to start, after several minutes the presscon has started. The cover girl was introduced to us and her name was Saffi Karina. She was really nice, friendly, has the height and body of the model and mostly has the brains. Had a question and answer part after her introduction and autograph signing and picture taking afterwards.

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