Wednesday, January 21, 2009

* Basketball Injury Prone

It's been a 2 weeks since I played basketball because I've been busy hitting the gym than playing sports recently. Peeps from our portfolio scheduled a game and I've decided to play, so after my shift which is 7am I slept in the office then just woke up around 2pm because call time is 3pm at Starmall Alabang. Game went well and silly me, stole the ball and made dunk and got my pink finger injured and after the 1st game a guy accidentaly scratched my face and damn it hurts.

They say I'm really prone to injuries and scratches. Mostly if it's not an elbow in the ribs, elbow in the mouth, a knee injury, cramps and the worst injury that happened to me is an elbow in eyebrow area and damn blood is all over my face. Maybe because on the way I play and how I wanted to win desperately.

I don't know I just love playing and watching the game. Collecting basketball cards, watching the games live *local and international* and buying authentic jerseys and I found it really challenging. The endurance, stamina, mentality and the physicality of the game. Another thing is I met and got known from other places by playing basketball ^.^ Anyways this is not the last and maybe injuries would stop me someday if I really can't play anymore but not now.

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