Monday, January 12, 2009

* New Hair Style for New Year

I can say it's been almost a year since my last haircut and since it was another year I've decided to shortened my hair for a little. So on December 31 *last day of 2008 I've decided to visit the Tony and Jackey Salon which is a Korean Salon *Festival Mall branch and had my hair shortened. I've decided to have it shortened because first I was really having a hard time having a long hair and next is my future cosplay plans for 2009 *wink

Anyways had to look into the photo album full of Koreanovela stars to select my desired haircut and what I select was the usuall Hua Zhe Lei/Vic Zhou style haha XD Had a hard time communicating with the hairstylist because he was Korean and cannot understand english that much but he was really nice and Im satisfied with his work. Above by the way is my before and after pic haha...Happy New Year ^.^

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