Monday, January 12, 2009

* Pre-Christmas Cosplay Shoot | 12.23.08

It was my off and I was invited by my friend Kate to join a cosplay shoot in QC Circle, I was so excited because it's my 1st cosplay shoot. I'm not familiar with the location but I managed to find it. I arrived late around 3:30pm because of the traffic and I'm hesitating at 1st because it's raining every now and then during that day. So when I arrived I saw the cosplayers and there is only 2 photographers Gian and Alexiel. My 1st shoot was with Bou as Lacus Clyne * below are the photos

for more photos:

Here's the next one Kate * as Yuna the Gunner

for more photos:

and I had other set like Neji, Sasuke, Sir Guy, Amane Misa and L. The shoot went well and shoot ended around 6:30pm.

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