Wednesday, October 29, 2008

* 1st hospital experience

It was my 1st time to be admitted in the hospital for several days. I'm really trying to keep myself healthy and honestly avoid going to the hospital because I do have phoebia with needles and blood ^^

After my work (Friday 9pm-6am) me and my teamates ate grab a bite at Jolibee then went home after were done. I went to the gym first (which I'm doing for 2 weeks already) and finished my program until 9:30am. I got home and went online to check some stuff and slept and rest. After an hour or so I woke up and felt hell because of the pain on my stomach which I never felt before. Good thing my girlfriend was and accompanied and helped my mom in bringing me in the hospital.

* I really felt bad cause we do have a basketball game that day and at the same time I am also planning to meet some of my college friends at night.

I was really chilling and feeling cold and at the same time my fever was high (39 according to the Doctor), I do vomit from time to time and my abdomen really hurts. My Tita who was one of the Doctors told my mom to let me stay in the hospital for a while for some test and also to know the cause of the pain.

It was really a different experience for me cause I'm just stucked in my room watching cable tv, playing my psp and texting friends everyday. Blood pressure check and drinking of medicine and antibiotic from time to time ^^ Putting the dextros and the blood extraction sucks *awch ^^ and another thing that I hate is there is no internet and yummy foods are restricted to me, All I can eat is the tasteless food that they gave me T_T Oh before I forgot my friends brought pizza from pizza hut and I can't help myself and ate 1 slice and after I finished eating the pizza my stomach suddenly felt the pain again and since then I just stick to the tasteless food *lugaw T_T

According to my Doctor it's gastro, and according to the test my kidney are okay and good thing I'm not positive with diabetes ^^
Good thing I'm okay now, I felt I missed alot of activities and also work!