Wednesday, October 1, 2008

* Missing our movie date

It's was my restday (Wednesday) at the same time it was a holiday, so my girlfriend doesn't have work yesterday. So we decided to go out and have the usuall movie date that we really missed a lot. It's been a long time since our last movie date and to be honest I really can't recall what was the last movie that we watched. Moving forward there woke up around 9am and damn my body really aches and I'm feeling the effect of my workout on the previous day, anyways went online and do my stuff (facebook, multiply and more) then prepare. Me and my girlfriend (Donna) met around 12:30pm and we decided to go out eventhough of the hard rain. We decided to have our date at Alabang Town Center instead of Glorietta or Greenhills because of the weather, arrived there (ATC) around 1pm and ate at Tokyo Tokyo. I was really hungry and ordered a lot, 3 1/2 rice, 8 california maki, snack size yakisoba, large red ice tea and SUMO meal, my gf can't believe that I could finish eating all of it anyways we are really full and decided to stroll around and check the prizes of the mobile phones (my gf is going to buy a new one) then we went to the cinema area to buy tickets because the 3:00pm is the next schedule for the movie Eagle Eye.

Eagle Eye was really a good movie and I do recommend it (no spoilers ^_^ ), I was really amazed because I was really unaware that it was a Spielberg film. Anyways, movie end around 5:30pm and after t
hat we continue walking around ATC . We went to Bench to buy perfumes, to Powerbooks to inquire for a book that my Mom is looking for, Magazine store to buy the latest copy of FHM Philippines =) and to PCX where my gf bought her girly stuff. After walking around we got tired and felt hungry again so we went to Bread Talk to buy some bread (of course) then to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to get some coffee and tea and hang out till 8pm and decided to went home. By the way before we went out ATC, my gf found an IPOD shuffle 2nd generation player and we think someone left it, since no one was there to claim it then we just take it =)

I was really happy because me and my gf is really having a hard time to find time for each other because of our schedule (I work at night and she works in the morning) and we do have a different restdays (mine is tue-wed and hers was sat-sun). Thanks for reading my blog!

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