Monday, October 13, 2008

* FHM October 2008 Signing with Ms. Jean Garcia

If you read my previous post around 4pm we left SM Megamall and went to Robinsons Galeria, Saw my friends Robin, Rod and Mark in the venue (Robinsons Movie World). So we chatted for a while while waiting for the cover girl to arrived so that the event would start.

Miss Jean Garcia arrived around 6pm and she was really pretty and she looks young at the age of 37 or 37 (sorry not sure) good thing we are one of the first peeps in the line so we got our magazines signed right away. Jean Garcia was really nice and she greeted me (in dedication on the magazine) a "Happy Birthday" and after having my magazine signed me, my gf, Mark and her girlfriend decided to eat in the foodcourt.

After eating (finishing my favorite HK Style Noodles Double) we went to Megamall to check the Cosplay event again. After taking a few pictures, we decided to part ways with Mark and her gf and decided to go home.

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