Monday, October 20, 2008

* My 2nd Model Shoot at Cavite

I can say after the 1st model shoot with CCC, I was really looking forward and excited for the next photo shoot activities of the group. During one of my restdays while I am online surfing, I chatted with Sheen who is also one of the member of the group (CCC) and she mentioned she knows someone who is an aspiring model and wanted to do a photoshoot for free or let say x-deal (she would pose and we would give her copies of our shots). I waited for it and when I saw the post in the group's site I was really excited because the model (Rizza) was really pretty. We set the date for the 2nd shoot on the 18th (Saturday) and I have to skip level up LIVE day 1 anyways I swapped scheduled for my friday shift for me to have enough sleep for the shoot and we met at Mister Donut at SM Dasma around 1:30pm and met one of the newest member Sir Ali. Ace and Heinz arrived and then after several minutes Sheen arrived with Rizza and I can say she was really pretty. Sheen introduced her to us and she said that she is still studying in La Salle taking up Tourism. After several minutes Jervin arrived and we left SM and went to La Med Village for the shoot.

The shoot went well because there are only 5 or 6 of us, Sheen didn't take pictured because he's hubby forgot to bring his cam and Sir Manny just followed us in the location. Rizza was really photogenic, she was kinda shy at first because it's her 1st time to pose in front of photograhers and Heinz is the one who tells her the pose that she must do.

Photo shoot ends around 6:30pm, Heinz and Sir Manny left early because of some family commitments. After the shoot I still went to work and damn I was late for 37 mins, felt sleepy the whole shift but happy because of the shoot.

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