Monday, October 13, 2008

* Out Of Town Birthday Celebration

When I was a kid (which is years back) I'm really excited when by birthday is months away because I'm expecting a gift (action figure/toy) from my Mom and of course her birthday treat to me and my bros which is a movie, arcade and food treat at the mall but In the past few years ( starting high school) everything changed , I'm really not excited when my birthday is already near just because I'm already a grown up and my birthday usually became an ordinary day. No more birthday cakes, parties, gifts, etc.. I envy my classmates because during their birthdays, I would see them having new gadgets (latest mobile phone) or gifts I understand because my Mom is the only one who is taking care of us and paying for all of our expenses (for the family). I usually spend my birthday at work and at in school in the past few years but this year is really different cause I really wanted it to be special because If I won't do anything then nothing would happen. So months before October I already filed a vacation leave for almost 1 week and already saved money because I wanted to spend my birthday somewhere which me and my gf decided to be in Baguio.I was really excited so morning of the 9th I went to the gym because I know I would missed it for several days because of the vacation, got home around 1pm and fixed my stuff. I went to Glorietta and meet my girlfriend (Donna) at Burger King area. We grab a bite at Bodhi (Vegetarian fast food) and went to the supermarket of SM to buy something to eat on the bus on the way to our destination. Took the bus to Cubao and bought our tickets in Victory Line for the 10pm trip, we just slept in the bus and arrived so damn early in Baguio which is around 4am (it's my birthday na!), it was very cold and during those times there is not hotel who would accomodate us because it is too early so we just stayed in the bus station for a while a took a nap.

It's 6:30am already so we bought a map first then walked around and went to the church near Session Road, Prayed and thanked God for the blessing in life that he gaved us and wished for more blessing and good health for me and for my loved ones. I took pictures of the church then continued walking to looked for an open resto because we are already starving. Found Chowking so ate there and went to Baguio City hall (took pictures again!) and then went to Strawberry farm. Arrived there around 9am, too bad there are only few strawberry because it's not yet it's season so we just bought some souvenirs (bonnets, etc). We rode a taxi and looked for the Rose farm which is in Camp Dangwa area, too bad we wasn't able to find the rose farm and it was way down the city so even though tired and sad we just went back to the City to find a hotel since it's near 12noon already.
Dropped by at the ukayukay 1st then my gf bought a shirt then we looked for a hotel where we can stay and take a rest. Found a hotel near Mabini St. and the price is cheap plus they gave free breakfast (cool) and staff are also friendly (most are students OJT) so there finally we rest and sleep till afternoon.

Weather is really not good during those times, rain keeps on pouring so we canceled our plan for the afternoon which is going to PMA, Minesview and Mansion but instead we just went to Session Road and eat at KFC. After eating our early dinner we went to SM Baguio and took pictures in the balcony area, my gf bought a mini chocolate cake and a candle for me after SM we went to Ibay's Silver Shop and my gf bought a cross earrings. Tired of walking we still went to the ukay ukay area in Session Road and found a Grimace and Hamburglar stuffed toys for only 50 each (not bad) and then dropped by 7-11 and bought 2 bottles of Vodka Mudshake, 1 Heineken canned beer and Water then went back to the hotel to rest. I texted my friends who remembered and greeted me on my special day before the day ends. Ate the cake and after a long time I blew a candle on a cake again. Drink the vodka and beer that we bought while watching the PBA and Discovery Channel in the tube.

Day 2 (October 11) Woke up early because there's a lot of things to do for the day. We started the day by eating our breakfast in the hotel's resto then ride a cab to Lourdes Grotto, I thought weather is going to be fine but still it rains every now and then anyways after Grotto we went to Burnham Park and strolled around the area. We rent a boat for 60 bucks (unlimited) and rest for an hour I think. After boating we went to the public market and bought some pasalubongs (Benquet Coffee and Chocoflakes) then went back to the hotel to check out (12 noon).

After fixing our things we went back to SM Baguio and took our lunch at Greenwich then left our stuff in the package counter and stayed at SM till 3pm. We ride a cab again and went to Minesview, again it is still raining but good thing is we still managed to buy souvenirs and pasalubongs (wine and strawberry jam) and take pictures (with the dog AJ as well and with the horse).

After Minesview we went to Wright Park and Mansion and took pictures again. We are very tired so we decided not to go to Botanical Garden and PMA. We just went back to SM and took our dinner at Paotsin.
After dinner we went to the Victory Liner bus station and bought tickets back to Manila. We left Baguio 7:30pm and arrived in Manila 1:30am. This blog was really an epic haha and it's kinda late because I wasn't able to go online in the past few days because I was really tired and there's a lot of things to do. Thanks for reading ^_^

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Nana07 said...

Happy Birthday again baby! I love you always !