Friday, October 31, 2008

* Cosplay at Krispy Kreme's Halloween Party at Bonifacio High Street

I just saw the event at a friend's (Jobel) site at multiply and since there's cosplay and I'm going at Ascend at later that night so I took the oppurtunity to drop by and at the same time took pictures of the Cosplayers. Mostly are regular cosplayers from the previous cosplay events, I arrived almost 6pm due to traffic because of the holiday. Bonifacio High was alive because of the people and kids in costumes and also the events and parties everywhere.

Krispy kreme had a lot of customers and mostly kids, also because of the cosplayers. Jobel and her sister are in their costume (Supergirl and Ragnarok costume), Freddie, Wolverine, Batman, Spiderman and Joker are also there. Kids and families are having their pictures taken with the cosplayers.

Met several friends and hang out with Ivan (Jobel's bf) who is the bassist of one of my favorite band in Sonicboom "Hilera". We call it a day around 8pm and my friend Alex arrived also and took pictures of some of the cosplayers.

See you soon on the next cosplay event -> "UP AME on 11/08/08" ^_^

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