Tuesday, October 7, 2008

* Restday at last

After a long wait my restday came, I was really excited because I'll be back to work next Monday (10/13). I slept in the office till 12:00pm then grab a quick lunch at HK Noodles (favorite) then went to the gym. Today as per my program my targets are legs and shoulders. I'm done with my program for the day in just 1 1/2 hour and added my abs work for me to feel more better. I'm really serious now with going to the gym, I'm really motivated and since I went to they gym I really felt better physically and mentally, I'm hoping that this would continue. Anyways I went home around 3pm.

Uploaded my pics during the saturday photoshoot at multiply and flickr and watched Gekiranger.

By the way today is our (me and Donna) 7th year and 7months monthsary, I'm really happy that we are still together despite of all the ups and downs in our relationship. I do thanked her for not giving up on me and for believing in me. I love you baby!

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Chi Rivera said...

ang masasabi ko lang ay hapi berday sayo at kay brandon vera! hehehe