Tuesday, October 21, 2008

* Playboy's Rock The Rabbit

After an almost disappointing party for Playboy Philippines last month, Playboy Philippines came up with another party called "Rock the Rabbit" which is also happens in different countries (where Playboy is).

At first I''m having second thoughts in attending the party because of what happened to the 1st party where most of the people wasn't able to bring their cameras inside (except me *toinks) and next is most of my friends can't make it because they do have work but I'm glad two of my friends was able to make it to the party so I decided to go.

The event was held in Arkadia Bar in Malate (sponsored by Musik Lokal) and it started 10pm. Me and a friend (Alex) met at Robinson's Place so we could go there together because we are not familiar with the location. So there equipped with our camera's we went there and good thing we find the place right away because it's raining during that time. We are also happy because we was able to bring inside our camera's, There's alot of people inside and it's an exclusive event and good thing I know someone from MusikLokal (thanks Warren). It was hosted by Myx VJ Sib and Miss Maui Taylor, show was great, food is free, great bands played like Up Dharma Down, Taken by Cars, Overtone and the Ronnies and lastly 5 Playboy Playmates was there and don't forget the bunnies who sells Playboy Magazine inside the bat and is always ready for our camera!

I was really happy because I had my Playboy magazine signed by May Playmate Billy Jean and October Playmate Danica Hann and also my Maui Taylor stuffs. It's my first time to meet Maui and she was really nice.

I'm sure everyone went home here smiling..Haha no haters to those who wasn't able to bring their camera's inside during the last Playboy party!

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