Thursday, October 2, 2008

* Day 2 at the gym

We don't have a basketball practice for friday morning so I decided to go straight to the gym after my shift. I brought my stuff in the office.

In the office my CSM (Supervisor,TL, etc..) coached me for my lost hours and gave me a written warning for not adhering for my break schedules on a particular day (damn I just took it 24mins earlier) anyways I just take it positively and besides I'm still eligible for the monthly bonus even though I have this warning which would slide after 90 days. Anyways after my shift I ate my breakfast at Jolibee Pacita to have some while waiting for my gf (Donna) and after she arrived we went to get money and then she went to work and I went to the gym.

My program for the day is Triceps and Back, still no sleep I still managed to finish my program with 4 sets and 12 reps per exercise. I'm kinda struggling with dome of the triceps exercise. After that went to Mercury drug to grab some yogurt drink then went home. Went online for a while and do this blog.

I'm really hoping I can continue with what I'm doing right now (gym) and I'm also damn excited for my 1st ever photoshoot tomorrow at Cavite with my Group mates ( Till my next blog! I'll post some pics :)

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