Tuesday, October 21, 2008

* Level Up Live 2008 | Day 2 | 10.19.2008

It was a Sunday and because of the things that I have to do I missed day 1 f Level Up Live 2008 at World Trade Center Pasay, Manila. We had a model shoot at Cavite so I wasn't able to attend Day 1 of the said event, so after my shift (9pm - 6am | Saturday)

I went home right away and prepared my stuff for Sunday's activities which is Level Up Live day 2 and our basketball game (Alabang Basketball League). I slept for two hours then met my girlfriend at Jolibee and bought food. Saw my friend Mark at the bus who is also going to the event but would meet her girlfriend first. We went to my previous dorm at Manila to get my rubber shoes that I would use for the afternoons game and went to the Level Up Live.

We arrived at World Trade Center around 1:00 pm and bought tickets for 50 bucks with free 50 pesos level up top up load, kinda disappointing because there are only few cosplayers comapre to the the last year's Level Up LIVE event anyways

I was still able to take photos of cosplayers and met some new friends. Saw some of my friends and a classmate there as well. Saw the creator of Ragnarok Online but failed to have his autograph T_T because of the long line. Saw alot of foreign Ragnarok players as well around who is there to compete for the World Championship. We left around 3:30pm, the time the cosplay would start =(

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