Wednesday, October 29, 2008

* Toinks Toy Exhibit

I joined the toy club (Toinks) in our company because I do collect action figures and statues. My friend Wavski informed me that the group is going to have a toy exhibit in the office from 12mn - 5am (October 21) since it was my off and my good friend asked me to bring display my toys I decided to bring some of my stuff in the office. Damn I had 2 big bags and a paper bag full of toys and also my camera (Toki).

It was my 1st time to display my toys in public. I arrived ealry around 10pm I t hink then started to display my toys in the recreational room in our office. I brought my old school wrestling figures and mostly are figures and characters from video games and anime.

I think there are 15 member who showed and displayed there collections, 1 has a collection of hummer, one has a Gi Joe collections and more. There is also a viewer choice award because every visitor needs to vote and it's 3000 bucks.

Too bad I didn't win but that's okay, displaying my toys is enough and it really made me feel proud :)

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