Thursday, November 12, 2009

* Kate Torralba's Fashion Event at Rockwell Tent


Kate Torralba

It was my off and I was looking for a place or an event to attend, since I can't find any I checked out for my favorite band's gig (Up Dharma Down) and I saw that they will be playing at Kate Torralba's Fashion Event at Rockwell Tent, I was able to asked bassist Paul Yap if the event is open or by invitation and they don't know if it is. My friend who has a friend who works at Rockwell confirmed that it's by invitation only and I also sent Kate Torralba a message at Twitter and Facebook to ask and she confirmed that it's only by invitation.

me and Maxene Magalona

Up Dharma Down (Paul Yap no in the photo)

Eventhough I am not sure if I could go inside the event I still went to Rockwell and saw a friend their and I was able to go inside. Good thing I was in a semi formal attire because most of the people who attended that event are in formal attire. Most are models and celebrities (Tim Yap, Tessa Prieto, Joey Mead, Up Dharma Down, Veronica of Kitty Girls, The Magalona Family and more) It's a fashion show where the models walked with the designs of Kate Torralba. Absolut Vodka and Wine are flowing and also the food is great. I was able to take a few photos of the event and meet Kate Torralba herself who also performed later that night.

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