Thursday, November 12, 2009

* Starbucks Planner for 2010

It's November again and for 2 years now, it's time to buy coffee and collect stickers at Starbucks Coffee to get their famous planner. For this time it should be 17 stickers (8 for any drinks and 9 for the seasonal drinks) to get a Starbucks planner. For 2007 I was able to get 2 planners. One is for me and one was given by me to my ex girlfriend because during that time they have a promo where if you would purchase coffee from 2pm - 5pm and 8pm - 11pm you can get a plus 1 sticker so one drink is equivalent for two stickers but last year they didn't have a promo like that.

For today I only have two stickers and will try my best to get 15 more stickers before the year ends.

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