Sunday, November 22, 2009

* Plurk or Twitter?

A friend invited me before to sign up and try plurking, I asked her what the hell is plurk and what does it do? I was confused how to used it and how the "Karma" stuff means. After asking friends about it, I was able to understand it and I found plurking cool because I can also send a plurk thru my mobile phone anywhere and everywhere. Plurk is like posting your thoughts or what the plurker or user wanted to say, plurkers can also post a photo, a link or share a video and people or friends or fans can reply in your post. Fans meaning you will have an option to add the person who tried to add you if you wanted to him/her as a friend or a fan. Difference between adding a person as a fan or a friend is as a friend the plurk/post would appear in your timeline and a fan(s) plurk won't appear in your timeline. For me I do add a person as a fan if I really don't know him/her personally. Karma is like your rating, more post and replies means more karma. Too bad plurk is already blocked here at work so I can't plurk anymore, famous peeps has plurk accounts like famous author Paulo Cohelo.

* and

Let's go to twitter, I first saw it on a techy tv show at net 25 and saw that many is really into it including personalities like Oprah and even US President Obama. So I was curious and signed up and followed the celebrities (local and foreign), Basketball Players and my friends. It was really cool that it was really them posting there thoughts and what they do and what they are doing. I usually used twitter when I'm at work because it is not block b the IT team, I can still connect with friends who are active with twitter.

I like both twitter and plurk because they connect me to my friends, add me up at plurk and twitter

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