Monday, November 23, 2009

* Paramore in Manila in 2010


Everyone is asking if it's true if rumors (since last year) about Paramore visiting the Philippines is true or not is still ongoing everywhere. I also saw a petition in facebook where you have to sign up for the band to come here. I can say I'm a Paramore fan and I like their songs. Early this morning I tuned in at Good Times with Mo because I saw on Mo Twister's twitter that they will be interviewing one of the band members on the show and they interviewed Taylor. The first question they ask is it's true about the band coming here and he said "Yes early 2010 by February or March" so we can it's already 95% sure and the other 5% goes to where would be the location. Taylor was really happy and overwhelmed when he heard that they are really famous here in the country. Got to start saving money for the tickets :)

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