Friday, November 6, 2009

* FHM Philippines November 2009 issue with Jennelyn Mercado

FHM November 2009 Issue

It's a new month and of course it's what comes into my mind is the monthly FHM event. My friend told me that the FHM event with cover girl Jennelyn Mercado will be held in the first Thursday of the month. Good thing I already got a copy when it was released in the mall. With my review bout the magazines I can say I liked it specially the features, quality of the photos, more babes and more photos for the cover girl. For 125 bucks I can say that it's worth it.

Cover Girl Jennelyn Mercado and me

Me and my friend Mark went to Galeria together and meet our other friends in the signing. The event started around 5:30pm and I'm the 2nd in the line (lol), this is the second time for me to meet Jennelyn Mercado and I can say she still looks pretty as she was before. What most of us noticed about the signing is she's like hmmmm not in the mood and she doesn't smile and accomodates compare to her previous signing January last year. Anyways I am happy my magazine is signed and it's another addition to my signed magazine collection.

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