Monday, November 2, 2009

* Nike Talk Forums

Before buying my Nike Hyperize AP Shoes, I tried to search the web for informations about the shoe (reviews and feedbacks) and I was able to see this forum named Nike Talk. After buying my new basketball shoes at I have learned that the seller of the shoes that I boguht was also a member of the Nike Talk forums. He told me that most of the peeps in the forums are shoe/sneaker collectors and I can get reviews and help especially about shoes in the said forum. So I went to and registered I thought I could post and join the forums right away but I was wrong, I needed to send an introduction or an "application" to the admins and they would decide if you will be approved or not. I can say I do collect and buy alot of stuff (cards, comics, signed items, magazines, jersey, toys, etc) and recently I'm interested in collecting basketball shoes so that is one of the major reason why I wanted to join niketalk casue I know this forums would help me alot.

After 3 weeks I received an email and I was declined so I replied back and ask the admi if they could reconsider my application for the forums and after 24 hours I got another email sayign I was approved and I can say I am happy :)

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