Friday, November 20, 2009

* Twilight: New Moon

/ 11.20.2009 Alabang Town Center /

Twilight: New Moon

It's was Movie Night Friday's for GE Money Servicing Philippines employees at Alabang Town Center and the film is the much awaited sequel for Twilight. This time the movie is not for everyone, employees will only be given a ticket if they got an EE performance (Exceeding Expectations) last October and too bad I wasn't able to meet that rating. I was happy that a wavemate (Ces) of mine gaved me an extra ticket of her and I can say I was happy because of course it's free. After work I skipped my workout at the gym and went straight home. I arrived at ATC around 5:00pm and line is very long for the regular cinemas especially for Twilight. One of the cinemas was rented by the company for us employees and they also gaved everyone a free drink and popcorn.

From the book by Stephenie Meyer the movie for is me nice and the cast of the movie are still the same and some additions of new characters like the Wolves and the other Vampires. I liked it compare than the first movie adoptation and with the book itself, but of course the book would provide the complete details. For me the book was kinda boring in the four books of the Twilight Series but this movie really changed it. Most the scenes in the movie is what I visualize when I am reading the book. I also like the transformation scenes of the werewolves and it's cool. Another thing that I can say is that this movie inspired me to go to the gym more often haha because of the shirtless Wolf boys (Jacob and the others). I do recommend the movie but it's kinda cheesy haha too many girls and gays (haha) in the cinema are screaming during the cheesy moments and everytime Jacob Black is showing his buffed and muscled body.

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