Saturday, November 21, 2009

* Did Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) used steroids or not?

After seeing the trailer and watching the movie Twilight: New Moon, me and my friends who saw the movie are thinking if Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) is all natural or if he is using Steroids.

Last year the movie Twilight was shown and everyone saw how Taylor Lautner looked at that movie, he looks like a kid during that time and he was 16 that time after a year (now he's 17) he really looks big and different with his muscled body. Since me and some friends are working out in the gym for more than a year now, we tried to search for his workout, diet, supplements used or an interview and here what we found

Lautner trained for nine months before the movie and he is also a Black Belter in Karate so it helped him alot especially with his core (abs). Lautner doesn't give away many details about his workout during interviews. He says "I ate a lot of food and worked out".

But according to the site if ever Lautner didn't make it (getting a muscled body that would fit Jacob Black's description in the book) before the filming of the movie, he will be cut and be replaced for the role of Jacob Black. Jacob Black is one of the major characters in the movie and in the Twilight series. What we thought is he needed to make a choice which is "to be cut? or to get the role?". At the same time it's his career especially that everyone is into Twilight and awaits for the sequel of the first movie. People, Models and athletes won't admit it if they are using the illegal drug or steroids because it's prohibited but they have no choice, there's alot who is proven and is positive for using the illegal drug whom at first denying that they are using it. Well anyways it's up to the people to judge and decide :)

But in any case I can say I like Twilight and I wanted to have a body like Taylor has LOL :)

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