Friday, November 20, 2009

* Fake Nike Pacman Wind Runner Jackets

Original Nike Pacman Wind Runner Jacket

Fake Nike Pacman Wind Runner Jacket

*see the difference

A friend is asking if I could still find the Nike Pacman Wind Runner Flag jacket that I just bought from a friend. Since it's already phased out in the Nike stores I have tried to search the net if I can still find some stocks. I searched ebay and saw that there are few sellers selling the item for an expensive price and then I saw this seller selling a fake one for a lower price around 2.3k (pesos). Everything is the same except for the logo at the back except for a gold star for the original item you would see a MP logo above the team pacquiao at the back of the jacket. Another thing is the white part on the bottom part of the jacket and on the wrist part in both hands. Beware of fake items online :)

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