Wednesday, November 25, 2009

* Allen Iverson Retires

Browsing yahoo and saw this Article A.I. aka The Answer quitting basketball. After reading the whole article it said that A.I. quits every team where he played and mostly about the same reason which is playing time. We all know that A.I. had this attitude that he always wanted the ball and score and he would be frustrated if he would be replaced and sits on the bench. We all know he is talented, with those amazing crossovers that even tricked Michael Jordan, those spectacular dunks and his speed, Imagine how a 6 feet guy dominating the NBA and winning the 2001 MVP award both season and all star game. Iverson has the heart and desired to win but his way is really different and he never learned especially about team work. He was traded to promising teams but nothing happened and now he is quitting the Memphis Grizzlies. I can say this would be sad, I'm an A.I. fan and I wanted him to have a championship, without him in the league is boring.

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