Sunday, September 20, 2009

* Mayweather remains undefeated 40-0

September 20, 2009 is one of the most awaited day for boxing because it would be the return of the undefeated Pound for Pound King (2 years ago) Floyd Mayweather Jr. against Mexico's number one Juan Manual Marquez. The fight was supposed to happen last June and because Mayweather got injured in the rib it was postponed to September.

Mayweather aka The Pretty Boy remains undefeated with his record of 40-0 and 25 KO's winning the bout with an unanimous decision, during the fight it showed Mayweather is faster and bigger, Marquez had a hard time hitting Mayweather with some solid punches because of his speed and great defense. Mayweather toyed with Marquez giving him a grin after every jab and everytime combination Marquez is giving him.

Marquez now (50-5-1) got knocked out in round 2 and overpowered him in the next rounds, losing the bout, his streak for pound for pound greatness and following Pacquiao's trail was stopped at the welterweight division by Mayweather. Marquez for me gaved his "A" game on this fight it's just Mayweather is to strong and fast for him, but he stayed on his feet until the end of the fight showing that Marquez really wanted to win the fight.

Mayweather landed 59% of his punches with only 12% for Maruqez, now the question is who will be next for Mayweather would it me Shane Mosley or the winner of the incoming Pacquiao and Cotto fight.

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