Monday, September 7, 2009

* Year One (2009)

After almost 18 years I watched a movie in a big screen twice in a day, last time I did that was with my mom when I was 7, we watched Suburban Commando (Hulk Hogan) and Beauty and the Beast in Robinson's Galeria. Yesterday we watched Up and Year One.

I love watching Jack Black's movie because it was really really funny, I also enjoyed this movie it was really really funny specially the dumb moments and the characters. Of course I recommend this movie but it's not for kids because of the mature language used.

Zed (Jack Black) is a hunter and Oh (Michael Cera) is a gatherer. After being informed that Zed ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the shaman banishes him from the tribe. Oh decides to go with Zed on his journey to find the end of the Earth. Together they journey and meet people and most are from the bible. In the movie it would show their journey and how they saved the people.

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