Saturday, September 26, 2009

* Typhoon Ondoy

Friday night I saw in the new that there would be an incoming Typhoon on Saturday morning, Saturday night it was already raining on my way to work. The rain did not stop till morning. I got home around 8am and the rain still continues until I slept. Around 11:30am my youngest brother woke me up because he said that flood is already in our gate and it rises fast. So me togetehr with my two brothers and my Mom helped each other and arranged our things and put them in the safe areas before the flood could hit our stuff. We had a team building today at BF Paranaque and I have work at 9pm and because of the flood and the rain, the team building was cancelled and I just skipped work tonight because I can't go outside because of the flood that I believe is around my neck.

Good thing the rain already stopped, flood went inside our house and good thing it did not reached the rooms, tomorrow for sure there would be alot of cleaning and arranging to do. I'm glad cable, electricity and internet is still up and I know my family is safe. I'm thankful to God everything is alright and hope that the others would be helped as well.

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