Wednesday, September 16, 2009

* Admit One: feat Cambio, Sugarfree, Urbandub, Pedicab and Chicosci at Saguijo

My 2nd stop for the day, after watching the games at UE Caloocan.

The event was held at Saguijo Cafe at Guijo St. Makati which is produced by Admit One and the bands for the night was Cambio, Sugarfree, Pedicab, Chicosci and of the most awaited band for the night Urbandub. Since Urbandub is in the lineup, we have decided to be in Saguijo early, got there around 9pm and place is not yet crowded but almost every minute that passed group of people arrives so we have decided to order a bottle of beer and look for a good place to watch and take photos.

The event started early around 10:00pm, and the event was also for MYX and Tanduay. MYX is also launching their latest MYX Mag issue with the back to back cover of Chicosci and Sugarfree. Event was hosted by VJ Bianca and VJ Chino. Entrance is 150 bucks which is not bad with the night's band lineup and with a free MYX Mag (latest issue). Cambio is the first band to play, I can say I'm not familiar with their songs but I loved it after hearing them. It was my first time to watched them play saw Buddy Zabala from Eraserheads as their bassist, Diego from Pedicab and Ebe of Sugarfree for the guitars it was an all-star cast.

Second band that played that night was Pedicab, also my first time to watch them and it was crazy, I loved and enjoyed their sound effects by RA Rivera and vocals by Diego. Crowd is going crazy specially when they played the song "Ang Pusa Mo".

Finally the most awaited band for the evening which is Urbandub, all cameras and crowd are waiting for them. They haven't played for Saguijo for several months because they are busy with their new album coming out this year. They played their hits "Guillotine", "First of Summer", "Frailty" and a new song which I forgot the title.

Fourth band is Sugarfree, Ebe is playing with his new effects for his mic, they sang old and new songs. They played "Prom", "Burnout" and "Tulog Na" and new songs from their new album.

and last but not the least it's time for Chicosci, my first time to watch them and it was really fun and it was really really loud. Played my one of my favorite song "7 Black Roses", they played new songs from their new album which is out now. They also played the Poker face screamo version which is really really cool. Event ended around 1am and everyone is happy not only with the bands but also with the freebies and games from MYX.

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