Wednesday, September 2, 2009

* District 9 (2009)

I've heard alot of from my friends that the movie District 9 is good, the orignal plan was to watch Disney's Up but we have decided to watch District 9 instead. Since I saw the trailer of this movie I was really excited to watch for it. The trailer gaved me goosebumps seeing the big alien ship above the city. I can say as well that I'm really inro Alien films because it's really interesting and also the documentaries about it, if I will be asked if Aliens exists well my answer will be yes lolz.

Anyways watched the movie in Promenade in Greenhills, my first time to watch a movie there and I can say I liked it. Seats are very soft and comfortable I wanted to sleep after seating on it. I research a little about the movie and it was a South African film directed by Neil Blomkamp. The film stars are Sharito Copley (Wilkus van de Merwe), Jason Cope and Robert Hobbs. I found the movie amazing because of the story and the effects, it's like a documentary because they interview people about the event and some web cam footage. It was really amazing because in the movie it showed that Aliens lived here on Earth and they can communicate with us. MNU an organization who is assigned to relocate the aliens or called prawns from District 9 to District 10 because people are complaining about it and Wilkus (Copley) is the one who is assigned to lead it but during the relocation operation he got exposed to a black liquid created by one of the aliens which is going to be the fuel of a ship that made Wilkus became an alien as well but in the story he did not became an alien right away and he run and spend effort because he wanted to be a human again in which one alien (Christopher) told him, that the alien can help him but he needed to get to the mothership first. Movie is filed with blood, violence, gore and some nasty stuff but I found it cool. Just watch the movie, reviews are great and I definitely recommend it.

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